99 Car Maintenance Tips

99 Car Maintenance Tips

Take care of Engine

The Heart of A Vehicle – Ask your auto mechanic to thoroughly check the engine every time you take your car for servicing.

Check Engine Coolant

Proper temperature of car’s engine is important, hence you should check you engine coolant for right level. If the engine coolant is low, it results in overheating of auto engine.

Check for Smooth Functioning of Timing Belt

If it doesn’t then, just replace it to avoid a serious engine damage that can be heavy for your pocket.

Calibration of the Engine Oil

Regular checking and calibration of engine oil ensures engine breakdown. Smooth performance of the automobile engine helps to increase the lifeline of your vehicle.

Clean the Radiator

Radiator debris should be cleaned with a soft brush. Whereas detergent solution can be carefully used to clean the exterior of radiator.

Never Spray Water on Hot Engine

This might lead to uninvited troubles and may damage your car’s engine.

Hydraulic Reservoir Should Also Be at an Optimum Level

Keep the hydraulic reservoir at optimum level with the fluid type.

Air Cleaner Check

A regular check of air cleaner keeps your car in the best spirit.

Avoid Idling

You will surely boost up the lifeline of your dear vehicle, if you do this. Avoid keeping your car idle for longer period as during this process, the oil is not distributed to different parts of the engine.

Lubrication Plays a Vital Role in Performance

Regular lubrication of your car assures you of effortless driving and does not exert pressure on the automotive parts.

Change Oil Regularly

Well, you can easily do it on a regular basis. Regular change of oil ensures a better performing vehicle.

Change Your Oil Filter

This auto part helps in filtering any kind of impurities that are mixed in oil that might block the passage of oil into the engine. A damaged oil filter will allow dirty residue to enter the car’s engine thus causing harm to it.

Food for Your Car Should be of Good Quality

It is obvious. You should always buy gas from a reputable and trusted service station. The gas that is used should be properly filtered.

Don’t Overfill Your Crankcase

Overfilling of crankcase with oil can damage the automotive engine.

Overfilling May Foul Sparkplugs

Spark plugs may also get affected due to overheating and overfilling.

Never Try Overfilling with Any Automotive Fluids

Overfilling of any automotive fluid is never recommended.

Check Power-Steering Fluid

Keep the power-steering fluid at a desired level.

Always Use Recommended Power-Steering Fluid

Always use the one suggested for your car.

Wash Your Car Regularly

This helps in keeping your car new throughout the year. Bird’s dropping, dust, dirt, bugs, etc may accumulate leaving permanent stains on the vehicle.

Remove Minor Scratches

If you ignore minor scratches for a longer period, they are going to cost you more later on. Try to get the scratches removed in the very next car maintenance session.

Waxing of Car is Important

Necessary for the shiny look of your car, waxing is suggested to be done at regular intervals. The other important function of car wax is to shield paint from harsh environment.

Keep Your Car Interiors Clean

Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the interiors of your car. You can easily clean the floor mats, areas under the auto seats, around the hand brakes or pedals, dashboard can be easily cleaned using different brush attachments.

Clean The Car Seat Covers

Cleaning sponges and other car care products & tools are perfect materials for cleaning any vehicle’s upholstery.

Remove the Musty Smell from Your Car

You often feel that your car has a particular odor. It is usually because of your air conditioner. Get rid of this smell by cleaning the air conditioner vents using an odor treatment.

Take Care of Your Car’s Windshield Wipers

If required just change them.

Go for Rubber Clad Blades If in Snowy Regions

you might also change the wipers with rubber clad blades so that snow or ice can be easily wiped off.

Keep Car’s Upholstery Clean

Dirty car curtains and other upholstery would be destroy the car’s interiors. So keep car’s upholstery clean.

Always Keep The Glass Panes & Mirror Clean

Your car always looks new with clean glass. For better cleaning, you may opt for a lint- and scratch-free microfiber towel for wiping.

Car Audio System

Maintain It to Save Expenses – In order to avoid poor sound quality and any other disturbance in your car’s audio system, just be gentle while using it. Use a soft piece of cloth to wipe of the dust from the audio system.

Leather Seats Needs Proper Care

If your car has worn out seats or dirty leather seats, if obviously mars the look of car interiors. Regular maintenance keeps the car seats in best condition.

Keep the Seat Back Clean Too

In order to keep your car in the best look; make sure to keep each auto parts or automotive accessories free from dirt & dust. Use a cleaner to wash the seat back.

Prevent Tailpipe from Moist Air

Save your car’s tailpipe by plugging it with a rag. Moisture or moist air might infiltrate into it.

A New Skin for Your Car

Automotive markets are filled with self-adhering urethane films that are used to protect vehicle from abrasions. Try out these films for an all new look

Use Soft Sponges for Cleaning

Cleaning sponges and other car care products & tools are perfect materials for cleaning any vehicle’s upholstery.

Always Keep The Glass Panes & Mirror Clean

Your car always looks new with clean glass. For better cleaning, you may opt for a lint- and scratch-free microfiber towel for wiping.

Car Audio System

Maintain it to Save Expenses – In order to avoid poor sound quality and any other disturbance in your car’s audio system, just be gentle while using it. Use a soft piece of cloth to wipe of the dust from the audio system.

Do Not Use Paint Thinner, Fuel, Kerosene or any other Solvent

Usage of these materials might damage the wiper blades.

No High Wattage Stereo Systems

Such system might affect the car lights. Light might get dimmer or might flicker. In such a case, just get your car’s battery &alternator checked.

Just Maintain the Leather Seat Covers

Just check the seat covers.

Check the Car Batteries

One must use maintenance free batteries. The batteries should not have no-start, dim headlights, blinking instrument lights, low charge, acid leaks or ABS malfunction light.

Break to the Battery

You can do this for better performance of the vehicle. You may disconnect the car’s battery for some time. You may also drain the battery with the use of a small light bulb and then recharge it with a low-volt charger.

Check for Electrical Faults

Just maintain your automotive electrical system to cut down on any kind of electrical faults.

Cover Exposed Electrical Components

Make sure that the electrical components of your car’s engine are covered with any plastic cover to prevent them from getting damaged by water.

Check the Automatic Transmission

Make sure the transmission system works properly.

Use Similar Transmission Fluid as Specified

It is always safer to use the same type of transmission fluid like the one specified in the car’s manual. This is so because; different vehicles’ engines are sensitive to other fluid type.

No Playing with Steering Wheel

This is a common habit amongst car drivers. People hold the steering wheel towards extreme right or left for several seconds. This harms the power steering pump. Try not to hold the steering in such a position for longer than few seconds.

Make Sure You Check Your Car’s Air Conditioner

Get your air conditioner tested periodically to avoid major expenses on them. Low refrigerant is the major problem.

Clean the Condenser

A dirty condenser or contamination because of moisture will also affect the air condenser.

Radiator Should Be Checked

Carelessness in taking care of radiator might affect the entire automotive cooling system.

No Obstructed Air Flow

You must look for any obstruction in the air flow of radiator. Just clean debris from the fins.

Check for Radiator Cap

Do not ignore the rusted radiator cap. Change it if the cap is rusted or the seal is dried out.

Also Check the Pressure Level of the Cap

one must ensure that the radiator cap works at recommended pressure level.

First Check the Cooling System

If the engine overheats, then you need to check your automobile cooling system.

Summers are Troublesome for Cooling System

Special care is required during summer season. Be alert towards different cooling system parts.

Check for External Leaks

Usual areas of leakage are water manifolds, radiator seams, water pumps, freeze plugs and all hose connections.

Check for Internal Leaks

Pull the oil dipstick and check for evidence of coolant.

Weekly Check of Car Lights

It is important to check all the lights and automotive bulbs every week.

Clean the Bulb Lenses

Just clean you vehicle’s lens so as to remove the road grime from them. Make sure you never use a dry rag for doing it.

Listen to the Squeaking Noise

The possible cause can be dirt or dust on the brakes.

No Lubrication on the Brake Friction Surfaces

If brake friction surface comes in contact with oil or any lubricants, it might harm the brakes.

Use Brake Cleaner

For cleaning automotive brakes, one must use brake cleaner.

Brake Pads Making Noise Need to be Changed

Is your brake pads are making noise, then just check them. Probably, your braking system needs new ones.

Sensors & Rotors Should Also be Checked

Just check these auto parts for any defects.

Quality of Brake Fluid

Always go for good quality brake fluid for your automobile.

Appropriate Level of Brake Fluid

Always maintain the level of brake fluid in your car.

Color of Brake Fluid Should be Taken Care Of

Ensure that your vehicle’s brake fluid has not turned milky. If so, it means there is contamination in brake fluid that might destroy the master cylinder.

Drive Easily to Reduce Brake Fade

A common problem with most of the cars. Try avoiding brake fades by driving your car carefully.

Clean Brakes Just after Car Wash

This practice is highly recommended as it keeps dirt & dust off the pads.

Get Yourself Acquainted with Your Car’s Braking System

This helps you to sense the upcoming problem before the actual problem arrives.

Brake Discs Also Need Attention

Change them if you are changing your worn out or damaged brake pads.

Stop the Car First to Shift to Parking or Reverse

It would be dangerous for the vehicle to shift to parking or reverse if the vehicle is still in motion. Let the car come to a halt before you shift to parking or reverse.

Avoid Shifting from Parking Mode

In order to avoid any damage to the transmission, one should never shift right from the parking mode especially when the rpm of engine exceeds the normal.

No Dust on Your Brakes

Clean your car brakes regularly to prevent dust from accumulating. If you don’t do so, you might invite some repair expenses. It is easy to clean brakes. Just use some water & a damp sponge.

Top off your Brake Fluid

Check brake fluid monthly. Wipe dirt from the master cylinder lid before you open it.

Care for Anti-lock Brakes

An anti-lock brake system is sensitive to moisture.

Take the Weight off the Tires

Just lighten your vehicle at times by putting it on jack stands.

A Check for Wheel Alignment

Proper alignment of auto wheels is very important.

Look for Embedded Stones in Auto Tires

If you keep an eye on your car’s tires and check it for any unwanted object like glass pieces or stones imbedded into them, this would help you save the tires from damage or leakage.

Watch the Potholes

You need to be careful in driving on a broken road and will have to definitely try to avoid them. Do not let your car jump into these potholes.

Never Hit Tires While Parking

this can be a test to your driving skills. Ensure that you never hit the tires against curb or run over curbs at the time of parking of car.

Check Your Tread Depth

You need to keep a check on tread depth. Replace the tires, if it is too low.

Keep an Eye on the Automotive Tires

Check your car’s tires for the proper air pressure. Excess or lack of air pressure, both of them affect the tires. So, it is very important to keep proper air pressure in the car tires.

Get Your Car Tire Rotated

Automobile manufacturers suggest that one should get their car tires rotated after every 9,000 to 15,000 miles. Rotation of tires helps in uniform wearing of car tires.

Automotive Gauges Check

– Monthly checks should be done to make sure your car’s gauges are functioning smoothly.

Don’t Bang the Car Door

Well, this is common amongst various people across the globe. Whenever you have to shut the door, close it behind you softly.

Park Your Car Always in Shade

Ensure that your car is parked in the shade so that UV sunlight, heat as well as harsh climatic conditions do not cause damage to the car’s exterior.

Don’t Panic If You Get Stuck

In case your car gets stuck in snowy regions or muddy area, don’t attempt to free the car in a hurry. Never spin your automotive tires at highest speed to come out. This may worsen the situation further and may also damage auto parts like clutch, transmissions and differentials. An easy solution is to carry a traction aid like gravel, cat litter, etc.

Careful Driving Pays

It’s a tried and tested formula. The more love you shower on your dear ones, the more returns you get. Same implies to your vehicle. If you drive with care every day, your car will surely stand by you for years without major repair expenses.

The Right Start-Up Makes the Difference

You are sure to ruin your vehicle’s engine, if you race during start-up of the car. Don’t do this to avoid any harm to the vehicle.

Always Accelerate Slowly

When you begin your drive, you should always accelerate slowly for some time. This helps the engine and other automotive parts to gain momentum and come into operation.

Use Original Auto Parts Always

If you opt for local or non-branded automotive components and parts, you might have pay for the expenses later.

Check Your Car’s Heater/ Defroster

This is important especially for cars in colder regions. Make sure automotive parts like heater or defroster function properly.

No Excessive Load

Carrying heavy load on your car’s rooftop will definitely harmful for your vehicle. Try not to exceed the load limit that is specified in the car’s manual.

Shift to Neutral at Longer Red Lights

This way you will put less strain on your car’s engine and its transmission system. If you don’t do this, the engine is still working thus exerting pressure on your car.

No Frequent Usage of Accelerator

While driving, it is suggested not to use accelerator every now or then.

Do Not Delay In Repair

– Fix any small problem right away before it causes a serious damage.

While Driving please Maintain Proper Distance with Other Cars On Road

This way, you would definitely save your car from scratches, damage and definitely save yourself from accidents.

Follow Maintenance Schedule

Every carmaker suggests a proper car maintenance schedule. What you need to do is that just, follow this maintenance schedule honestly.

Love & Care for Your Darling Car

Last but not the least, just love your car. Love it to get love (that is hassle free performance) all your life.