81 Wedding Tips

81 Wedding Tips


Choose wedding date and time.


E-mail “Save the date” e-cards to close friends and family.

Decide the kind of wedding

Decide the kind of wedding you would like to have (formalities, size and setting).


Prepare your guest list.


Consider possible color schemes.

Investigate pre-marital counseling

Investigate pre-marital counseling or compatibility classes.


Start a health and fitness regime.

Wedding service providers

Choose your highly qualified wedding service providers including caterer, photographer, wedding planner, band or music plus decor and florist.

Shop together

Shop together for your wedding bands.


Discuss and plan your budget.


Decide who will pay what expenses.

Wedding venue

Reserve your wedding venue.

Select your bridal party

Select your bridal party (maid of honor, bridesmaids, flower girls, best man and ushers)

Bridal party

Settle on the size of your bridal party.

Pick wedding dress styles

Pick wedding dress styles, head pieces (veil) if necessary and set dates for fittings and delivery.

Bridesmaids’ dress

Choose bridesmaids’ dresses and accessories.

It is common practice to have

It is common practice to have your bridesmaids pay for their dresses or if they are getting their dresses made. The bride normally pays for the fabric she wishes to use and the bridesmaids cover the cost of getting it custom made. Consider this to help ease the wedding pressure a little.

Honeymoon Destination

Give your honeymoon destination some thought.

Check the specifications

Check the specifications for a marriage license and certificate.

Place your engagement announcement

Place your engagement announcement in the newspaper.

Book your wedding date

Book your wedding date and rental equipment (if not supplied by the venue).

Select the place

Select the place where you would like to have your gift registry and start thinking what gifts you would like.

Take notes of gifts received

Take notes of gifts received and get addresses (physical or email).

Send thanks cards out

Send thanks cards out as soon as possible.

Wedding invitations and Stationery

Meet and decide on your wedding invitations and stationery.

Mens’ wedding attire

Start looking around for the mens’ wedding attire. Three to five months before the wedding

Order your invitations

Order your invitations and stationery.

Distinctive Ideas

Browse and do research for distinctive ideas to set your wedding apart from others.

Decide on your wedding cake

Decide on your wedding cake and meet with your supplier.

Meet the mothers

Meet the mother of the groom and bride and discuss their outfits for the day of the wedding.


Review all wedding service provider contracts.

Come to a decision

Come to a decision on the mens’ wedding attire.


Plan your rehearsal dinner.

Remember to have

Remember to have a pair of comfortable shoes for the reception. You feet will get very tired after walking all day in your beautiful wedding shoes.


Buy your wedding day accessories.

Select and order your beverages

Select and order your beverages if your caterer does not do this for you.

Organize accommodation

Organize accommodation for out of town guests.

Make-up & Hair trial

Go for a make-up and hair trial. Make sure you are happy with your hair and your make-up.

Purchase gifts

Purchase gifts for your bridal party.

See a mock-up

See a mock-up of what your table decorations and flowers will look like and make any necessary changes.

Confirm your honeymoon

Confirm your honeymoon plans and book flights.


Attend your final wedding dress fitting.

Marriage License.

Get your marriage license

Going away-outfit

Buy your going away-outfit if necessary.

Have a map

Have a map for your guests to get to your venue if required.

A nice touch

It’s a nice touch to organize some fun events for the out of town guests.

Your accessories

Have all your accessories ready (rings, garter and pillow).

First dance song.

Choose your first dance song. If required, attend dance lessons for your first dance.


Confirm with all your wedding service providers.

Give your band a list of music that you want played during the first dance, garter removal and the tossing of the bouquet.

Pick up your wedding rings

Pick up your wedding rings and make sure they fit.


Discuss table seating.

Book your accommodation

Book your accommodation for the night of the wedding if you are not leaving for honeymoon after the wedding.

Contact guests

Contact guests who have not yet replied to your invitation.

Send your bridal party a schedule

Send your bridal party a schedule with times for the actual wedding day.

Organize transportation

Organize transportation for you, the bride and groom. You want to arrive in style.

Prepare the cheques or cash

Prepare the cheques or cash for your service providers who need to be on the day of the wedding.

Bridal shower

Attend your bridal shower.

Confirm total guest numbers

Confirm total guest numbers with your caterer or wedding planner.

Traveler cheques

Purchase traveler cheques.


Confirm you honeymoon and flight reservations.

Pack your bags

Pack your bags for your honeymoon and your wedding night (if you are staying over).

Go to

Go to your wedding ceremony rehearsal.

Jump in and give instructions

Jump in and give instructions to your bridal party – this is your wedding after all.

Bridal party gifts

your bridal party their gifts.

Check with your bridal party

Check with your bridal party to make sure their dresses and tuxedos fit properly.

Give the best man the cheques

Give the best man the cheques or money for all the service providers that need to be paid on the day.

Double check

Double check that all out of town guests have transportation organized for the day.

Check those guests who have

Check those guests who have traveled from far have accommodation.

Confirm with the florist

Confirm with the florist and decorator that they will arrive on schedule.

Make sure

Make sure you have your wedding dress delivered to your venue where you will be getting married or to your home a few days before.

Get your beauty sleep

Get your beauty sleep the night before your wedding.

If you are having a professional

If you are having a professional make-artist and hair stylist just check how much time they will need so you can plan your day.

Relax, have fun and try

Relax, have fun and try to stay calm. Make sure you have at least 2 hours to get ready.

You will also need

You will also need ample time for your make-up and hair.


Remember to put your garter and a penny in your shoe.

Photographs before the ceremony

Photographs before the ceremony will take about one and a half hours.

Once you get to the reception

Once you get to the reception and the dancing starts try not to mess your hair and make-up

Don’t forget the rings

Don’t forget the rings and marriage license.

Remember to thank everyone

Remember to thank everyone for all their hard work and effort.

Take a deep breathe

Take a deep breathe, don’t stress, smile and just enjoy.

During the party take a moment