57 Ways to Write a Love Letter

How to Write a Love Letter

57 Ways to Write a Love Letter


Use beautiful stationery (a neutral, soft color, such as cream or white) and a flair pen with black or brown ink-no blues, greens or reds! Remember, your Love Letter is being written to someone special. Hand-written letters are best. This is personal–you are not writing a business letter!


Go to a secluded place and put on soft, romantic music. A quiet room would be nice. Dim the lights. Stimulate a romantic mood.


Date your Love Letter (month, day, year). This is a letter that will be treasured and remembered. You can bet that it will be read over and over and safeguarded in a special place.


Choose an endearing salutation. Don’t be formal. Use you love’s first name. For example: “My dearest Jennifer . . . ” or “My darling Matt . . .


Start your Love Letter by telling your beloved your reasons for writing. For instance: “I have lain awake many sleepless nights trying to compose words that might adequately describe the feelings of my heart. But every time I have made the attempt, I have failed miserably. , Please forgive my poor effort and accept a trite and simple phrase: I love you. I think I can say it no better than that…” Never insult your beloved’s feelings or belittle yourself by saying something like: “I know you probably don’t feel this way, ” or “You must think I’m crazy. ” If you are timid in your Love Letter, your attempt at conveying heartfelt words will fall flat and might be misunderstood.


The body of the Love Letter should include reasons for why you fell in love. Here are some ideas: , , recall when you fell in love with him/her , explain how your life has changed for the better , describe how much you miss your love when you’re apart , explain that you can’t imagine life without him/her , list some of the many things you have in common , tell how wonderful and complete he/she makes you feel , recall some special moments you’ve shared together , mention times you’ve picked him/her out of a crowd , list qualities that set him/her apart from everyone else

Be real

Your Love Letter should be a carefully crafted work of art, but it also needs to sound sincere. You want your Love Letter to make your beloved fall in love, not fall into laughter. Be confident as you express your emotions, dreams, and vulnerability.

Use Revising Method

don’t expect your first attempt will be the letter you send. Practice on scrap paper before you start writing on your good stationery. REVISE, then leave it for a few hours, then return and revise it again. Read it again in the morning before you send it. You’ll improve it, as well as have fewer regrets-guaranteed!

Closing Paragraph

End your Love Letter with carefully worded prose: “There, I have said it. I can rest now. And as I dream, I will dream of you.” Make your closing upbeat and positive.


Don’t just end with: “Love, Eric. ” Even if you said, “All my love, ” it would be better. You become even more romantic by writing something like: “Dream of me, my love… “What you want is a simple, yet heartfelt goodbye: “With undying love, “or “Forever yours. ” Remember, you may think this is too sappy, but your loved one will treasure each word. Be prepared to have it quoted to you in years to come.


Include a special extra: petals from a flower, sprinkles of stars, a teabag of your favorite tea …You get the idea. That little extra effort means you really put some thought (and heart) into this.

Neatness counts

Gently fold the Love Letter and place it in a neatly addressed envelope-hopefully, one that matches your stationery. The correct way is to fold a small stationery sheet (or sheets) in half with the text on the inside. Place the letter in the envelope with the crease at the bottom and the salutation facing the back. Hand address the envelope. , , Remember what your elementary teacher taught you about penmanship–make sure your love is able to read your writing! Add a stamp that looks romantic–the Garden Bouquet stamps are nice–and affix it upside down. It is a custom that means, “I love you. ” Drop the letter in the mail. That’s it! Expect an emotional response. And here’s another tip: buy some breath mints–you’ll need them!

Choice of Words

Here are some popular words to use in your Love Letter: angel, angelic, lover, giving, alluring, tempting, sensual, sensuality, seeing, tasting, touching, holding, caressing, memories, memorable, darling, gorgeous, absence, velvet, voyage, beautiful, vision, elation, blossoms, happy, kisses, innocent, passion, dreaming, delirious, temptation, complete, desire, content, embrace, rainbow, rose, adoring, stars, privileged, heart.

Know the Purpose

It’s easy to get confused when trying to express how you feel to someone you love. Just being in the same room with the object of your affections can make you feel a little muddled. , Sitting down and writing a letter in private, however, gives you time to get in touch with your deepest feelings and then decide which words will best express them. , You may reach a clarity of thought by the time you finish the letter that you didn’t have when you started and which you probably wouldn’t have reached trying to express yourself in person.

Writing with a Pen

Writing a letter by hand is, of course, very personal, and if you are sending a short note, getting out your favorite pen is still probably the best choice. With a short note, too, you can also use attractive stationery with matching envelopes. , But if you need to work out your thoughts and feelings, making corrections in the process, a letter created on your computer may be the most practical choice. Either way, use standard black ink and then consider which font to use.

Proceeding with PC

Your letter will look less romantic if you use the same font you would find in a business letter, such as Times Roman 12, rather than a font that imitates hand printing such as Andy, or cursive handwriting such as Rage Italic. , Both fonts will need to be enlarged beyond the standard 11 or 12 font size to suggest readable handwriting when they are printed out. Experiment with the various fonts in your word processing program, adjusting them up or down in size to match your personal preference

Length of Love Letter

The length of the letter will depend upon several things. A budding relationship suggests a short, flirty letter, while a letter written overseas from a husband to his wife in the U.S. should be longer and more detailed. , In other words, it is important to send a long, detailed letter to a partner in an established relationship as every word will be cherished by the reader. In a new relationship, however, it may seem odd or even presumptive to write extensively to someone you really don’t know.

Using Classy Things

Use classy pen and paper. Somehow, a love letter written with a blue Bic on office stationery bearing the motto “You want it done WHEN?” doesn’t exactly invoke violins and roses. At the very least, roust up some heavy-stock, elegant-looking paper, and if you must use an ordinary pen, choose one with a classy color of ink.

Salutation Must be Personal

Try “my dearest ____” or “my beloved____,”and be sure to get the name of the person right (you’d be surprised how many first-time letter writers flub this small but important detail).

Pour out your heart

A love letter isn’t like a high-school essay, with an introduction, expository text, and recapitulation. What you’re aiming for here is an inexhaustible, stream-of-consciousness recitation of the virtues of your beloved, contrasted with your own inimitable shortcomings. As a general rule: the higher the virtue-to-shortcoming ratio, the classier the letter.

Stay focused

If you find yourself running out of material, don’t resort to the dental checkup you had the other day or that guy at work, you know, the really annoying one? Who always plays his radio so loud? And I’ve complained and complained to the boss but I guess no one at this company takes me seriously? Instead, take a break until your romantic fount is replenished and you can get back to that virtue/shortcoming thing.

Valentine Love Letter

You have to be very careful while writing it, Write a rough draft of your letter. You want to take the time to find the right words.

Read YOU First

Before sending please Read your letter out loud. When you hear the words, you may be prompted to change or add to your letter.

Recheck Your Feelings

Define what your words mean. How you feel and what you write can often be two different things. If you feel soft after realizing then it can be treated as solid romantic valentine letter

Check for Precise

Check a thesaurus to find other words similar to the ones you have chosen. You may find a word that says what you want in a more succinct, special way.

Comment Making & Adding

Add a comment unique to your relationship. You may want to bring up a common theme the two of you share. Use your common interests to help you put your feelings into words.

Use Quotes or Poems

Use a quote or poem to help you express your feelings. “How Do I Love Thee? ” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning is an excellent poem that will help you express your feelings.

Using Dictionary

Please use a nice dictionary for spelling mistakes before finalizing your valentine letter

“I Love You” Letter

Take a piece of paper and write (in ink) “I love you” all over it – sort of like if you got in trouble at school and had to write 25 times “I will listen. ” then on the back of the paper I wrote a poem and a little quote: “All the ink in the universe could not express how much I love you.” It was very effective and it doesn’t take that long to make.

State the Strength

In your romantic letter, state your lover’s main strength. What part of him/her do you love or admire the most? It is important to mention this in your letter. In your romantic letter, state your lover’s main strength. What part of him/her do you love or admire the most? It is important to mention this in your letter.

Clear it First

When did you fall in love with him/her? What are the exceptions about your feeling with her/him, explain what is your intention for the future

Romantic Moments

Mention in the letter some of your most romantic times together. Reflect on those times, talk about it in detail, and your appreciation of the moment will show through in the writing.

Tactical Issue

while writing your romantic letter, reflect on how your life has changed since meeting your respective other. How have they impacted you? Talk about the positives.

Most Important Thing

The most important thing to remember while conveying your message is to share your feelings through honesty. Don’t feel as though you have to hold back when writing your romantic letter

Concentration & Attention

Clear your desk and your mind of distractions. If you love someone enough to craft this letter, he or she deserves your full attention

Visual Setting

Place a picture of the one you love in front of you while writing a love letter to her

Listening & Drinks

You can have some soft drinks, cold waters on the table while writing a love letter. It’s better to make a nice environment by listening music while writing

Differentiate your Writings

On another sheet of letter paper, make two lists: a) the unique qualities you love about him/her; , b) your hopes for the future together.

Sign it Must

Don’t forget to sign your love letter! After research its seen women used to remember the sign or symbol of love very much

Add some fragrance

Spray the love letter with a light fragrance to make it more attractive

Decorate the letter

Decorate the letter with signs of love like flower petals, sprinkles of stars, small heart-shape stickers etc.

Be Optimistic

Always have an optimistic conclusion for your love letter.

Flow of writing style

Do not restrict yourself to formal rules of writing the letter. In other words, love letter is not a high-school essay which has an introductory, expository and conclusion. However, maintain a flow in the writing style.

Declare it

Declare that your love for him/her shall never die and you will always be there for him/her no matter what. It makes her weaker on you

Date is Important

Mention the date when you write the love letter. Love letter will be treasured and remembered forever and hence specify the date.

Take care about True Feelings

The words should come from your heart. The words should sound not only genuine and warm, but also express your true feeling.

I’m writing this letter because I

A. had a great date , B. want to see the person again , C. want to apologize , D. want to take the next step , E. want to say “I love you” in no uncertain terms , F. want to mark an occasion

The thing I admire most about the person receiving this letter is:

A. his or her with , B. his or her smile , C. the way he or she makes me feel , D. that I can trust him or her , E. his or her intellect , F. his or her lovemaking skills , G. that certain thing he or she does

The thing I want this person to know about me is that

A. he or she hurt my feelings , B. he or she made my day better , C. I really like him or her , D. I’m falling in love with him or her , E. I’m uncomfortable and want to slow things down, but not stop them , F. I can write a great letter

In this letter, the main thing I want to say is

A. thank you , B. I’m sorry , C. I learned something new about you that I really like , D. I want to spend more time with you , E. I’m going to be really busy for a while; don’t mistake this for a lack of interest in you , F. last night was special , G. I love you

Make it a keepsake

Transform your letter into a gift. Use textured paper and a matching envelope. Handwrite your letter with a fountain pen so it has a romantic look. Rather than spray it with perfume or seal it with a kiss, use an embosser to add your initials to the back flap of the envelope.

Things to Remember for Women

Limit your sentences to 15 words. Limit your letter to four or five sentences. Men have very good imaginations, being the visual creatures they are. They don’t need a lot of words to understand how you feel. , Add a sketch or photograph to your letter. Or, if you’re sending an email, find an image that conveys your feelings and include it at the end of your words. , Be sincere and honest with yourself; it will show in your words. , Lace and frills should probably be avoided. Consider his tastes when choosing stationary or an email background.

Use own Language

This is not the time to practice your French or flower your speech with words that you never use or can’t pronounce.

Letter Writers to Follow

If your handwriting is considered to be of physician quality and might actually distract from the letter, may I suggest you seek out a person who is skilled at the art of Calligraphy. I have found individuals who perform this task of transcribing a letter at a very reasonable price.

Use a Photograph

Another suggestion for the presentation aspect of the letter, is the addition of a small photograph glued to the top of the letter. This allows the recipient to view the photograph and reflect on you with fondness as they admire your letter content.

Title your openings

Example: A more appropriate opening may be “To Traci, with warmest affection. ”


The love-letter should be honest. It should say what the writer means, and no more. For the lady or gentleman to play the part of a coquette, studying to see how many lovers he or she may secure, is very disreputable, and bears in its train a long list of sorrows, frequently wrecking the domestic happiness for a lifetime. , The parties should be honest, also, in the statement of their actual prospects and means of support. Neither should hold out to the other wealth, or other inducements that will not be realized, as disappointment and disgust will be the only result.