54 Ways to Make a Girl Likes You in School

How to Make a Girl Likes You in School

54 Ways to Make a Girl Likes You in School

Ask her about herself

Ask her a simple question. Even if it’s “Can I help you with your math work?” If she replies fast, it means she’s not interested, because she wants you to leave, or she is shy and nervous.

Rate Her Response

If she gives her response not very quickly then she wants you to stick around longer, because she likes you.

Initial Approach

If she likes you she’ll want to talk to you more than any other person…unless she’s playing hard to get.

Be yourself!

If she stretches frequently, this may be a sign that she is nervous, or feels the need to move because you’re around.

Read the Representation

If she stretches more often when she’s around you, she may be trying to get your attention. She wants you to be her around as much as you can

Read The Attention

Does she pay attention to you? When she talks to you, does she say your name a lot? If so, it means that she wants you to notice that she likes you.


Say something random to her, anything at blurt it at her and keep doing so until she notices.

Body Language

If she has even a trace amount of feelings for you, she’ll smile and try to stretch the conversation whenever she will see you around anywhere close to her. If she just gives you a dirty look and turns away, it’s okay; don’t get confused.

Talk to her

If your seat in class is in between or in front of her and one of her male friends join in on the conversation. If it’s not just a simple “What are you doing for lunch today?”

Make a Clear Statement

If it’s something that interests you what she says or saying within a conversation, try to make a justified and clear statement, even if it’s not try to say something of value to the conversation.

Hang around her

Whenever you get chance just hang around her but (But NOT excessively!). If you hang around maximum time then it can have some negative impact on her mind about you

Crush with You

While crossing her by walking try to pass by her and give her a few second glances. If each time you look back, she looks at you or in your direction; she probably has a crush on you and have a good sign in her mind about you

Make yourself KNOWN

In the classroom, make yourself known. Go up to the front of the class to throw something away or sharpen your pencil. Look calm while doing it and strut back to your seat.

Try To SEE Her

Glance over a couple times to see if she’s checking you out. If she does and looks away really fast, it’s a done deal. It sometimes happens every now and then within the classroom


If she doesn’t looks at you at the moment when you keep looking at her in the class room while you both doing your class then don’t be upset because she may tries to hide her feelings about you. If she is bold and she will look at you and she will look down very shyly

Be Comfortable

Be comfortable around her, make sure you are talking for at least 30 seconds before you ask a question. Don’t ask random questions, she will be bored by your questions and even can have a bad feeling about you

Notice in the Class

During class, if you stare at her for random reasons, she might be staring at you. If she stares at you and when you look at her, she may immediately look away from you. That’s a sign that maybe she likes you. Try eye flirting, this is a great way to flirt without disrupting class/getting in trouble.

Notice her Gratitude

If she looks at you when she says thank you, she’s trying to make you notice her gratitude. Others would probably just stare straight ahead and walk out the door. Smile and say you’re welcome – do not grunt or nod.

Ask for HELP

Ask her for help during class (this especially comes in handy in science classes because of the lab work). Don’t act like she’s just a homework buddy though

Make you noticeable

Always try to ask some quick questions while practical or theoretical classes and make her feel that you ask her questions every now and then but don’t overdo it at least don’t make her know that you are using her

Know the GESTURE

If the girl stands up for you a lot, Then she probably likes you and doesn’t want you to think that nobody likes you and you have no friends!

Know the GOOD SIGN

If she is always turned in your direction and making noise or odd, sudden movements like tapping or whistling, or if you sit behind her and she is frequently turned towards you or has her arm on your desk, it’s probably a good sign.

Read the Distance

It’s also a good sign when she plays hard to get. Watch for her sitting up really straight or really slouched (depending on what she thinks you like) and playing with her hair, or if she’s always laughing.

Watch BODY Movement

Notice if she’s got her body hunched toward you and not leaning back against her chair when you sit in front of her. It means you are entered her dream already as a dream boy

Contact and SIGNS

If her arm keeps brushing your back or her head is conveniently right next to your shoulder. If any of these can be answered with a yes, she likes you and wants to feel closer to you.


If she play hits you a lot, or pretends to be mean to you, it’s also a good sign, in other words, she’s flirting with you.


Try to seem interested in her school projects or special talents. If you have any same hobbies or interests make that into a conversation because then things won’t get awkward.

READ her Eyes

If she’s on your bus, try sitting across from her and if she is sitting alone, try looking out your window at a small angle, and look out of the corner of your eye across at her. If she stays looking your way she might like you.


Be sure to be nice to her, and make sure that you do not make her think you dislike her at all!


If her friends look at her and then you, or whenever you are talking to her, her friends give looks at you and raise their eyebrows, this is also a good sign, and if somebody says she likes you, chances are she told them because she was hoping you would find out. Don’t worry if her friends don’t act different around you, she may not have told them.

Sitting Arrangements

If you sit diagonal from her in class, her shoulders will be pointed towards you. Or if you sit across from her, she will be angled in towards you. It shows a very positive sign especially if you notice this arrangements everyday in your class room

Understand HER

If you are sitting beside her and she has her legs crossed over and her crossed over leg is towards you this may mean that she is comfortable in your company and likes to talk to you even she started like you very much

Common SIGN

Yet Another very common sign that you can tell if a girl likes you is if she smiles every time you come and talk to her.

JUST Be Straight Forward

If you notice that the girl likes you, wants to talk with you, she wants to have some company of you, she laughs at you and very helpful about you then Just ask her what is her feeling about it- whether she likes you or not?

EXPREES your feelings

If you like her, give her hint like say “I’m always thinking of her.” and if she asks you “Who do you like?” tell her that “It’s her.” or you can say that her name starts with a (use the letter her name starts with) and get her to think a little before you tell her, this is a really good flirting method.

Notice her movements

If she is playing with her bangs, tugging on her hair, playing with her hair, or adjusting her clothes when she is talking to you, she probably likes you.

Girls Nervousness

Girls seem to get nervous around the guy they like and if she can’t look you in the eye, it’s a sign of something good. It just means that she really likes you and wants to look good for you- or she’s very nervous around you.


Pay attention to whether she changes her posture when you enter the class. This is a definite sign. Now you can approach for the love to her

HIDE your Identity

Try and get her email and then make another email that has nothing to do with your name and send her emails saying that you like her but don’t tell her who you are.

The GREAT Hint for you

When you’re talking to her (before hand) have your friend walk up and say “Hi”. If she says “Hi” and turns back to you, she either wants’ your attention or wants him to leave so she can continue.


Notice when you tease her if she has a hard time thinking of a comeback she probably likes you but doesn’t want to go any further to where she thinks you don’t like her so be careful!

Don’t TREAT Her

Don’t talk to her best friend obsessively, as this could hint that maybe you like her best friend and that is not a good sign! You cannot be succeeded if things going like this

WALK Faster

When you’re in the hallway, try to walk a couple of steps in front of her. If she likes you, she’ll walk faster to catch up with you.

Learn her WALKIG Speed

If she’s walking in front of you, and she’s walking really slowly, it’s because she wants you to speed up to walk next to her. You need to notice this otherwise she might think that your interest on her is not appreciable

Similar Thoughts

If she looks at you when you are reading a book in class where the main character(s) love, mention a crush, or have any romantic moment, she is probably thinking similar thoughts about you and her. So, try to know her thoughts with her appearance

Taking her NUMBER

If you ask “Can I have your number?” and she says “Yes”, or she just gives it to you, then she is probably in to you. But you need to make sure it before approach your feelings to her


If she tells you she likes you, then she’s probably into you. She could be just trying to tease you or something, especially if she DOESN’T like you.

If SHE Calls you IDIOT

A good way to find out if she likes you is to do something clumsy this will make her laugh. If she calls you an idiot while still smiling in a friendly way this is a good sign.

Overall SIGNS of She Likes You

# If she calls you “cute” or something like that she likes you. , If she looks down when she sees you it’s probably because she likes you. , If you already know each other and she asks you a lot of questions about yourself, chances are that she likes you – or at least wants to get to know you better. , If she makes you cookies or any other home-made treat, that is a good sign. , If she laughs at all your jokes – even the stupid ones – she likes you.


If you want to tell her you like her, don’t have one of your friends do it. Confront her herself and just say, “Hey, (name), I just wanted to tell you I really like you,” and see what she says. If you do this yourself, then this is a way of showing her you’re not a wimp to tell a girl you like her. If she shudders and says, “Uhh… okay…” she probably doesn’t like you. But if she says, “Cool. I sort of like you too,” then that’s obviously good.

Don’t BE Over Whelm

Don’t be too overwhelming when you’re around her. If you follow her around and constantly keep talking to her and not giving her any space, she may think you’re a creep and not like you.

What should Not Do?

If you come in a bad mood, and she’s there, it will make her feel like you don’t like her, and will cause her to stay away from you. *If you’re sitting alone and she’s next to you, don’t look preoccupied or tired and depressed. , It will discourage her to come up and talk to you. Smile at her. , But if you are depressed, that’s okay because she might come up and try to comfort you or ask you what’s wrong. If she does, that could mean she likes you. But many people would do that if you looked depressed.

Change your SPEAKING Style

Try not to talk to her like you do with your mates if you don’t know her too well, don’t make her uncomfortable by saying stuff that is kind of MA rated, if she likes you she will probably just brush it off but may still feel awkward, if she doesn’t like you she might frown and walk off.


If the girl is staring at you every time you look up from your chemistry book, there may be some chemistry brewing. , Pay attention to those little notes she passes across the room. Some may be dumb or incidental, but they are always addressed to you. , If the girl asks you to come help her with her homework, or says she’ll be at the soda shop Friday with friends why don’t you stop by, she’s probably into you. , if she hangs on your every word, tries to sit next to you or pairs up with you during field trips. , Watch for little gifts left on your desk or an extra-special valentine card crammed in your locker. , Listen for gossip. Cliques are useful for at least one thing: spreading gossip about who likes who.