68 Ways to Tell Her You Love Her

How to Tell Her You Love Her

68 Ways to Tell Her You Love Her

Want to tell her

Think about when and where you want to tell her. Is there a special place you want to be? A certain day, For example, you might want to tell her at the restaurant where you went on your first date, or on the two-month or nine-month anniversary of your first date.

Romantic mood or gift

Set the mood and be romantic. Buy her flowers or a romantic gift.

Look at her directly

Take her hand and tell her how positive you feel about her. Give her examples of things you really like about her. Be sincere.

Feeling her

Tell her how you feel being with her, and how much you enjoy your time together. Be specific about what you value and appreciate about being with her.

What you want to say

Follow these positive statements with telling her you love her in whatever way feels best for you. For example: “I feel I’ve come to love you,” “I realize I love you,” “I feel so much love for you,” “I’ve fallen in love with you,” or simply, “I love you.”


Choose an appropriate venue for your disclosure, so that you can avoid embarrassment and awkwardness as much as possible. Telling her on a sailboat, miles away from shore, or announcing it from the audience of a talk show might not work out well for either of you.

Make yourself clear

You do not have to be cryptic to be tactful. Rather than wrapping your feelings of romance in a riddle, clearly convey your attraction. “You might already know that I like you, but I want you to know that I am interested in you romantically.”

Response to her

Resist requesting an immediate response. It is pretty off-putting if you say, “Well, what you think of me?” I mean, I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure that I was getting a vibe from you.

Straightforward is the best approach

Don’t forget that actions really do speak louder than words. So many people carelessly toss those three words around. Tell her, but then back up those words by showing her. Nothing major or elaborate is necessary. Little things can be so much more meaningful than overblown displays. For example, I’ll always prefer receiving a daisy picked in the park on a whim over a dozen long stemmed roses bought because he thinks it’s supposed to be romantic.

You just tell her

She may not say it back, but she will feel flattered that you love her.

You don’t need to tell her at first

Just show her that you love her by helping her do whatever she is doing, take her to romantic places, buy her nice things, the most important thing is to make her feel good around you, show her that you care about her (remember that action speaks louder than words), take things slowly, then step by step things will happen naturally. The key point is not to tell her your feelings, but make her feel your emotions and she will express her love to you. Trust me, that is how I won my girl, I never told her anything, I made her feel it, and that is just the sweetest thing.

You just tell her how you feel

If you are scared or nervous than you better rethink your feelings some more, because when you tell a woman that you love her, you are actually saying that you are laying everything out in the open for that person.

Appropriate moment

If you think that she will be okay after you tell her and it won’t scare her out of a friendship, then I suggest you pick an appropriate moment. You should tell her when the two of you are uninterrupted and alone, and pose it in a way that you can make her feel comfortable. Make sure you don’t leave it too long else she may not realize and you could lose out to someone else.

How are you feeling

First start by letting her know that you are interested. Then as you get to know her better then you can pick a romantic spot and come right out and say it.

Keep it real

Tell her about your feelings and let her know you are in love with her. If she can’t handle it and runs away, the relationship wasn’t real. As they say, “keep it real.”

Positive approach

Be honest and straightforward. That’s always the best thing in a relationship.

Go to lonely place

You must be really sure of your feelings before you tell her anything. Take her to a lonely place of your choice, any place where the only thing you can hear is yourself talking to her; grab her hands look at her straight in her eyes tell her how she makes you feel, take it easy step by step don’t rush to the “I love you” phrase, tell her what she means to you, don’t say you love her, she may freak out just because of the simple fact that some girls are just not ready for those words.


As long as it comes from the heart it will be received in a good way and she will respect your truthfulness.

I like the buddy thing myself

You should really show her that you will be there for her whenever she needs you, love is something that is felt, and if you are friends with her long enough, she will feel that you love her, and actions always speak louder than words. Whenever you are around her look in her eyes, you will be able to tell if she wants you to tell her you love her.

Try to be your level best

If you love a girl I think you should show her first and then tell her. And don’t be an ass and tell lots of girls you love them. Give the words some meaning. A lot of soul searching has to be done before you tell anyone you love them. The easiest way to find out if you love someone is to put yourself in a hypothetical situation. If you were in the worst place in the world but she would be right there beside you could you still be happy?

Always remember this thing in life

“Those who are over conscious never gain.” So if you really love a girl just go and tell her so. Don’t think too much.

Just tell her ‘I love you’ or

If it is the first time you are going to tell her that then try to make a nice romantic setting. Doesn’t need to be fancy…maybe turn down the lights and light a few candles…put on some nice music. That will help set the mood, but really all you need to do is be upfront and tell her. Many times people stress out over telling their partner they love them. But think about it…this is the person you love. You shouldn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed or anything like that. Just tell her plain and clear.

Don’t make a big production of it

Just give it to her straight. Acting like a drama king/queen could make her reject you. Don’t get angry with her if she says no.

Remember, loving someone is not something people plan or do on purpose

Strong feelings like love arise from emotional stimulation, not choice.

Go easy on her

Since telling her that you love her might be a bit overwhelming for her, and she may need a minute or two to think about it.

Make sure that you are sure you are ready for the emotional roller coaster of love

There are highs and there are lows; if you are just thinking of saying it to get laid, DON’T. If you really love someone, you will respect them, care for them, and be there for the good and the bad. Are you ready for that?

Be confident!

Look her in the eye, stand tall, and smile. Most importantly, speak without hesitation, particularly if you act shy on a normal basis. You must demonstrate that you believe the words coming out of your mouth and can back them up with the strength of your devotion.

Don’t tell everybody

You know you love her before you tell her. It is not a good thing if she finds out on her own.

Love can be a tricky thing

She might change her mind after she gave you an answer. Don’t stalk her to see if she has changed her mind yet.

Chance yourself

If you have been her friend for a long time and now you want to be more, then she probably does not see you in that light. In this case, you must “change yourself” in the sense that you have to portray yourself as someone she can love and be attracted to, instead of just someone who enjoys spending time with. This change needs to be something positive for yourself and illustrate your good qualities. For example, start going to the gym: you get in shape, and suddenly, she starts seeing that well-toned man of her dreams with that personality she has loved all along.

Better feeling

If she rejects you, ask if she wants to stay as friends; letting her know you care about her might help change her mind eventually.

Consider not saying anything at all

No one likes needy people. If she loves you and tells you so, you’re all set. If she doesn’t, either she’s not ready to tell you anyways, or she just doesn’t feel that way about you.

Show her romance

At least try to be a little romantic- a dinner, trail of notes leading to the bedroom.

Show her love

Hold her hand, touch her face, and kiss her. It’s the little things that count.

Show respect for family

Treat your family and hers with respect, she’ll appreciate it.

Show her what you love about her

Tell her what you like about her, whether they be physical features or mental ones.

Show her she’s number one

Make sure she knows and understands she’s your priority.

Surprise her with a small gift

A “Just because I love you” gift. Maybe the CD or book she’s had her eye on.

Do something she normally does

Wash dishes; wash the clothes, anything she normally does even if you don’t like doing the task. But, you have to make sure that you don’t give a “I’ll clean the baby’s diaper, if it’s alright to watch the game at Bob’s this weekend.”

Schedule alone time just for you and her

Go for Movie and a dinner. Make it a date. Or time at the park alone. Something simple that you two can do together.

Make something for her

Go out to the shed and make her something special, even if it’s not perfect, it’ll show her you love her and think about her.

Don’t Wait Too Long

No one waits forever, fell. If you have feelings inside that you can’t shakeÖif you can’t stop thinking about her, and you don’t think you’ll be able to sleep again until she knows the truthÖthen just tell her. Living with all of that bottled up inside forever is a terrible feeling, and you have to let it out.

Write a poem telling her how you feel

Buy a card and write a poem inside with the feelings that are within you. Though this might be considered to be like you are back in school, it is still very simple to do when you do not know how to tell someone that you love her. Make sure to end with the words “I love you.” This way she knows that you are trying to tell her that you do love her.

Call her and leave a voice mail

Called her and left a voice mail. Well, like most men, me too, was afraid of being rejected but I quickly find out that leaving a voice mail will give you the chance to say what you want to say without being nervous. Your voice – if sincere – will tell her all that you want to say. Remember to show your true emotions as you prepare to tell her that you love her.

Show up with roses

Ask to speak to her privately. Find a place where there is no one around–just the two of you–this will give you the opportunity to be yourself so that your words can come out the way they should. When alone, be straightforward and look into her eyes. You will see that she is also nervous because she does not know what you are going to say.

If you truly love her tell her

The easiest way is to just tell her straight forward. She may need some time to think at first, or maybe she likes you back too, but in the same way you were wondering whether to tell her, she may has been wondering whether to tell you, too. So go on and tell her because it doesn’t hurt to try.

Make sure you look and smell nice

No woman wants to hear an “I love you” from a guy that just came from the gym without a shower, or who has morning breath in the middle of the afternoon.

Be prepared

No matter if you are getting ready to propose, or if you just want your relationship to become exclusive, make sure that you have all the right tools. If you’re proposing, of course you’ll need the ring, and if you’re asking her to move in, you can give her a key to your house. If you just want to tell her how special she is to you, flowers are always nice.

Tell her directly

Observe how she reacts. Most probably, she will be very pleased. Every girl wants her boyfriend to tell her he loves her regularly.

“It’s All About the Timing”

Timing is the most important deciding factor when it comes to confessing your feelings to a woman. If you tell a girl that you love her in a wrong time, you could ruin your chances forever. Do not make this mistake!

“Send Non-verbal Hints”

What most men do not know is that women can pick up hints and non-verbal quest very easily – she will be able to sense that you have got feelings for her even without you telling her. You see, once you already indicated your interest through body language it becomes very easy to tell her verbally – since she has already knew it.

Through online chat

If you are an extremely shy guy, you may want to consider declaring your love through online chatting like MSN or icy. However, this method is not really recommended as it seems to lack sincerity.

Through phone

However, still not a good way to declare your love as you will have no way to see her expression. The only way to know whether she accepts your love is through her voice. This means you do not really have enough control of the situation.

Face to face declaration

This is definitely the best way to declare your love. At first, tell her you like her. Then observe her expression. You will usually know whether you have succeeded by her response.

Say it

Yes, just say it like it is. Why should you burn inside, beat about the bush and risk losing the one you love just because you are shy. Tell her you love her and the more you do that, you will find yourself acting out the love. Women need love and they want to hear it coming from your mouth and they will believe you. At the risk of generalizing, women are ruled by the heart but of course there are a few who still insist they are an exception to the rule and they should be accorded recognition.

Keep the romance alive

Show the woman in your life that you love her by planning romantic getaways, dates and occasions. Buy her flowers and gifts, no matter how small. Most women value the thought and effort more than the gift. The more thoughtful and original the gift is the better. It will give men more points with women if they made an effort to remember important dates such as her birthday and anniversaries.

The Right Timing

Timing is never more important than when telling a woman you love her. If you bring it up at the wrong time, you could ruin everything – there are no second chances. Don’t do something like telling her you love her after some tragic event happens in her life – it just seems fake and lame if you do that.

Reading the Vibes

Most men don’t give women enough credit to realize that they usually know what’s up. If you really have strong feelings for her, then she probably already knows. If she continues to spend time with you all the same, then chances are she feels the same way. Just keep that in mind as you go to make your move and it will be much easier.

Plan ahead

Where do you want to say it? When? How? Try to visualize your ideal set-up and explore your options as well. No need to stress, however. Remember that saying I Love you are the grand finale, so don’t get too hooked up with the minor stuff.

Send flirting signals

Compliment her. Make her feel comfortable — it’s going to be the most romantic moment of your life — and hers as well!

“Properly Timed Confession”

You can neatly present your loving words to her in the form of a confession. You know how confessions are made right? You have to pick the best time to say it, and it has to be a time when you’re both alone and won’t be disturbed.

Be Forward

You need to be very forward with your actions. You see, women want a man who isn’t afraid to be – well – a man. Most guys have been socially conditioned to believe that it is rude to be forward with a woman. That is complete bull. Women want a man who goes after what he desires. They want a man of action. So don’t be afraid to get physical with her. Get close. Get personal.

“Time Your Approach”

Timing is one of the most important issues to be addressed when you’re considering this drastic step. If you confess your love at the wrong time, that’s it. There are NO second chances. So telling someone you love her the same day her cat died is a big No-No.

Give in to spontaneity

Surprise your girlfriend once in a while. It always makes your love life more fun, exciting and something to look forward too. Stay connected. Make her laugh, give her a visit at work, cook her favorite meal and the likes. Being spontaneous is never boring I assure you.

Get over-romantic

Go ahead and give in to your mushy side. Admit to her that you’re thinking of her or missing her too much that it’s driving you crazy. It’s a bit funny yet full of love and yearning.

Straight Up

Sometimes the simplest things work. Hold her body close to yours and tell her that she is the most beautiful girl in the world and that you could not imagine your life without her. Then kiss her.

Romantic Dinner

You really have to perform well on this one. If done correctly its brilliant, if not it just seems like you are unimaginative.

Connection Game

This may sound really stupid (and it is!) but sit down with each other and try and maintain constant eye contact for 5 minutes. You will get this deep feeling of connectedness and unity and it feels beautiful and she will feel so appreciated.