53 Ways to Sweep a Girl off Her Feet

How to Sweep a Girl off Her Feet

53 Ways to Sweep a Girl off Her Feet

Strike up a conversation

If you haven’t met her yet, find something unique about her or the situation the two of you are in and say something about it. If she’s a friendly person this should give you enough to talk about until you can start asking her questions to get to know her better.

Find something about her that is truly special

Does she have anything about her that is unique? A subtle little quirk or feature that you find endearing, but that no one else seems to notice?

Let her know that you think she’s special without expecting anything

(a phone number, a date) in return. If this girl is really interesting to you, there should be something far from the common that you notice. If she’s good looking, she probably gets several compliments a day, so offer her one that is as unique as you believe she may be, like mentioning something about her personality – first impressions will make a huge difference.

She’ll probably smile, say thank you, look away, and maybe even blush

Remember that even if ultimately, it doesn’t work out, you’ve at least made her day by giving her a true compliment.

Offer her your company, and walk away.

That is, right before you leave, give her your phone number or screen name, or offer a time and a place to meet, and let her know that if she chooses not to take you up on your offer, you’ll never bother her again. Don’t give her a chance to accept or reject you. Make your offer and run. Give her a chance to think about it by herself, and wonder “Hmmm…I wonder what he’s like.” , If you do this confidently and impressively, she’ll feel compelled by her curiosity to get to know you better, and she won’t feel like she’s being pressured or chased. Also, the fact that she might never see you again will encourage her to follow up on any glimmer of hope she has about you being the guy of her dreams.

Don’t look back

If she doesn’t call or show up, she’s not interested, and if that ends up being the case, don’t take it personally. However, if she does call you or meet with you, you’ve probably swept her off her feet! The rest depends on chemistry and compatibility. Good luck!

Avoid the Obvious

Trust me; if you give your lady flowers, she probably isn’t going to toss them in the trash. But, if you use your imagination and creativity a bit, you can come up with something a bit more personal. , The old adage “it’s the thought that counts” really applies here. If you give her something that proves you understand her, and that you listen to her, you’ll score major points. , So, think about who she is and what she likes. I had a friend whose girlfriend enjoyed live music, so he spent $20 and downloaded a live concert from her favorite band onto her iPod. She was totally thrilled, and felt appreciated because he had paid attention to her tastes in music.

Spend Less, not More

If your woman wants to see the price tag for your efforts, tell her to hit the pavement. Seriously, the days of guys wooing women with their dough are long gone. I altips advise guys to spend less $, and force yourself to be creative and think outside of the box. Preparing a home-cooked meal is WAY better than taking her out to the nearest restaurant. A relative of mine recently compiled the many photos of him and his girlfriend together, and converted them into a calendar to hang in her apartment. These ideas cost little to NO money. Far more impressive, and romantic to pay attention, and not cash

Open Up and Tell Her

So many of us in relationships forget how lucky we are to be connected so intimately with another person. How often do you simply reveal your true feelings? If you resist this, that’s fine – but do it anyway. You don’t have to grovel and weep. Nor do you have to be a wimp and sheepishly tell her how much you need her. What is needed is just a simple, elegant, gesture. For example, I recently phoned my girlfriend and simply said, “I wanted to call you, I was thinking of you and wondered how your day was”. You better believe I got a positive response, and it totally made her day.

Conversational Sweep

If you have never talked to her before, you should catch her attention by initiating a conversation.

Long Way Meaning

Give her a compliment that no one else has given her or say something witty about your situation. If she’s friendly, the conversation will surely go a long way.

Opposite Feelings

While talking to her, tell her something about what you think of her. It should be really special but still true.

No Rewarding

Do this without expecting any reward. Forget about a date or her phone number; just be sincere and it will work out. Giving her a unique compliment could probably make her blush and earn you some points. And even if it fails to do the magic, you could still give yourself credit for being truthful.

No Chance at all

Once you have invited her and given her the mundane details, walk away. Make her think that you would never make the same offer again. If she does not take it, she would have no second chances.

Cheating or Flirting

Let her know that she’s the only want you want to be with and really mean it. Women don’t want a man who cheats on her or flirts with other women behind her back.

One Step Ahead

Listen to what she says and ask questions about her life. If you’re willing to take an interest in her life, you’re already one step ahead of most guys she’s known.

Best Compliment

Point out the things you like or love the most about her. You want to compliment her and let her know that you love her eyes or the way she smiles.

She NEEDS you

Be there for you and offer your assistance when needed. This lets her know that you’ll be there for her when she needs you.

GIFT HER something

Give her something unique that she can only get from you. It doesn’t matter if it’s someone who can make her smile when she’s down or someone who can be her best friend. All that matters is that you give her something to remember you by.

Learn what matters to her

Part of getting to know a woman is to learn about her and what she cares about. Each woman is different, so you need to find what matters to her before you can romance her.

Bring her blooms

Flowers are a classic for a reason. Most women love flowers and the fact that you were thinking about her enough to buy them. Instead of going the typical route and just buying roses, find out what her favorite flower is. That small detail will let her know how much you care.

Look her in the eye when you talk

For some women, the best way to let her know you care is to make her the center of your world when you are together. Let her know how you feel by looking her in the eye. Remember that eyes are the window to the soul after all.


You cannot truly get to know someone without listening to her. Your girl will tell you what she wants and what makes her happy if you only listen.

Know when to laugh

Having a sense of humor is essential in any relationship. When you can make a woman laugh, you open the door to romance.

Walk the fine line between confidence and arrogance

Confident men are sexy as long as they don’t tip the scale into arrogant and domineering. If you believe you can win the woman of your dreams, you are much more likely to succeed. Just let her see your confidence.

Make her your priority

Sweeping a woman off her feet requires that you make her a priority in your life. Let her know she’s important. Make her the first person you talk to in the morning and the last person you see at night. Let her know that her calls and your time with her take precedence over all else in your life. When she is your priority, she will know she is loved.

Make her Feel Special

Unlike what many men tend to think, most women are not out the richest hunk in town. What they want is a man who takes care to make them feel special. Remember, for women feelings matter more than thoughts. So, make your girl feel wanted and cared for. It could be as ordinary as a compliment on her features, laugher or even her dress.

Make eye contact

Women don’t like men who look everywhere else except in the eye. Don’t think that a woman is going to feel insulted if you look straight in her eye and talk to her. In fact, showing complete attention will make her feel good and you might even manage to get a shy smile out of her

Try being unconditional and let her know

When you compliment her or give her a little gift let your sincerity show and not that desperate part of you that wants to catch hold of her and not let her go! Let her know that it would be okay even if she was busy.

Listen to her

Don’t just keep talking and asking questions. Take care to listen to what she says however boring it may be at first.

Call her up often

Simply call her up to say ‘Hi!’ or ‘Just called to say how much I love you.’ It will make her want you more and more. Isn’t that what you actually wanted?

Need to Possesses

The most important thing you need to possess in order to sweep her off her feet is confidence. You have to believe you can convince her to be with you. If you’re confident around her, then she will submit to you and want to be by your side. , Don’t mistake confidence for cockiness. You shouldn’t go out with her and be loud, rude, or try to pick fights with other guys in her presence. This will turn most women off and make them not want to be with you. This will also show that you have insecurities. Instead, be assertive and willing to make the first move with her.

Making Jokes

You have to also be charming with this special lady. Women like it when a man can make them laugh and when he is witty. Share jokes with her someone may have told you, or think of things that will make her smile and laugh. However, don’t overdo it. There’s a fine line between being charming and funny and trying to be a standup comedian and making a joke out of everything.

Give Her Space

If a girl is trying to take the relationship slow or get to know you better, then don’t rush her into making a long term commitment or pester her constantly and try to lay up under her. , This is a big turn off for women and it shows that you are sort of clingy or needy. So opt to give her the space she needs. , You shouldn’t be trying to spend every moment of the day with her. Go out with your friends or do something you love to do with your mom or siblings for example. This will show her that you respect her and love her but at the same time; you don’t need her to be complete.

Proper Communication

Another thing, is you have to be able to communicate with her. Women like it when a guy can sit there and talk to her and speak what is really on his mind. , Don’t simply tell her what she wants to hear but instead, really talk to her and let her know how you are feeling to the best of your ability. , Don’t assume she knows anything. Women also like to hear you say certain things even if they know how you feel about it or what you are going to say.

Change the Attitude

It’s ok to have a soft side with your woman. You don’t have to be totally macho with her. You can do things like get your nails treated with her, or go to a yoga class with her every now and then. , It will only make her want to be that much closer to you and develop a loving bond for her. , And trust me, your guy friends may make jokes about you, but deep down, they will admire you for being able to go out of your element.

Try to Appreciate

Lastly, it’s the little things that count no matter how unimportant they may seem. So tell her when she looks nice in that dress, or if you think she shouldn’t wear those heels with that jacket. , Do the small things like clean the kitchen or cook her a breakfast in bed. You will come to thank yourself for doing these things later on when you wake up just about every morning with a beautiful, loving girl laying beside you.

Body Language & Gesture

Your body language should be controlled like stand straight with your shoulders back, walk smartly do not slump. Women do not like sluggish walk, move slowly, and turn your head and eyes slowly. And you will hear oomph from the women around you. Women are mad about the concept of masculinity.

Develop the Tune

Develop a husky tone, when you talk, but take care and don’t overdo it. Or your girl may understand. Pause frequently to give an air of mystery! This will grab the attention of your girl.

Turn on Your Mood

Masculinity does not mean not smiling, smile! This will make her feel secure about you and she will not have other thoughts about you. And hey, smiling is great for health and you will turn on your mood.

Sense of Humor

Women like men with a good sense of humor. Bad sense of humor turns them off completely. You know the key. Try to impress yourself; if you can impress yourself then you can impress your girl easily.

Don’t tease her

Do not set an agenda that you have to bed her the night you date her. Women can sense these things quite easily. To get her you will have to give space to her but also tease her.

A cruise vacation

It is a great way to tell her you’d marry her all over again with three or more days of luxury, relaxation and pampering. And with last minute deals, you’ll have plenty left over to buy her something special at one of the great shops at your destination, whether it’s the Caribbean, Mexico or the South Pacific.

Bring out the big guns.

If you can afford a lavish lifestyle, then there’s certainly no reason to hold back on your wedding proposal. With your money, you can pursue the grander gestures of affection. You can whisk your girlfriend away to Paris-the most romantic city in the world-or take her for a trip to Italy. , These ideas might sound stereotypical at first; but the truth is, not everyone gets to experience something this romantic. , Here’s a tip. Once you get there, try engaging in ordinary activities like having coffee or taking a stroll down the street. , Then, in the middle of the square or plaza, go ahead and pop your question. Trust me, the Parisian backdrop, a bended knee and a ring is all you need to make that moment one of the most memorable in her life.

Compose letters of love

Our romantic proposal ideas don’t altips have to be expensive. If you’re pressed for cash, why don’t you try writing her a series of love letters? , These days, hardly anybody writes love letters anymore. This makes your proposal all the more romantic and special. , You can write a series of letters composed of one or two lines, or maybe even a poem about love. You can leave these letters lying around for her to discover. , One would lead to another until she reaches the final letter, which directs her to you with ring on one hand and a proposal in the other.

Take a trip down memory lane

Where was your first kiss? Where did you first meet? One of the most personal romantic proposal ideas is re-creating a special moment from your past. , For example, if you two met in the park while walking dogs, you can try and bring her back to that same place for your proposal. , Or if you two shared your first kiss by the beach, it’s a great idea to return there and share a quiet evening together. Then, while watching the waves roll, you can begin easing into your proposal by talking about how you two first kissed in that same spot. , Romantic proposal ideas can be as fun, or as serious, as you want it to be. There’s no need to change who you are or exhaust your bank account just to be able to give her the most memorable proposal ever. All you need to remember is that you want to spend the rest of your life with this person. That alone is enough to make everything romantic and perfect.

Know Her Interests

Try to know her interests and make some plans accordingly. If she likes good food then ask her if she would like to come for dinner at the newly opened restaurant in town or ask her to accompany you at a friend’s party.

Direct Approach

Remember to ask her out directly instead of making the proposal through common friends or instant messaging. Be confident and do not beat around the bush as most girls like straightforward and confident people. However, there is a thin line between confidence and arrogance and you must never cross it.

Be cool altips

Another thing to remember is to keep your cool even in the case of rejection. If she says no for whatever reason, just say OKÖmaybe some other time. A girl may also say no because she is nervous and not because she does not like you. Try to notice her behavior for a few days after the incident. If you feel that to be the case give her time to think and ask her out again after a few days.

Don’t be Over Persistence

Being persistent is appreciable but over persistence can be dangerous. Do not continue to bother her if she has refused you flat out as it will do nothing else but ruin your friendship. Use a good mouthwash and deodorant before talking to her as it will give you a fresh feel and ease the nerves for both of you.

Avoid Negativity

Asking a girl out even before you two have become friends is a strict no-no as it is likely to get a negative response in almost all cases.

Don’t be too clear-cut

Although being straightforward is good, being too clear-cut should be avoided. So, do not ask her would you like to go out on a date with me? Rather ask her would you like to catch a movie with me sometime?

Follow JIT system

Before popping the question make sure the timing is right for such a thing. If she is upset about something, it will be better to postpone your question for some other time