46 Ways to Make A Romantic Heaven

How to Make A Romantic Heaven

46 Ways to Make A Romantic Haven

Think it first

First, take a moment to think about the functions of your bedroom. , Has it turned into another family room? , Is there constant casual traffic in-and-out by children, animals and other invaders? , Ask and notice all of these before thinking of decoration

Determine NOW

Determine NOW that you’re going to decorate and maintain this one little clutter-free oasis, hidden away from the rest of the crazy world. Keep it private for you two, and insist that all visitors knock and ask for permission to enter.

Start with the bed…the king

Literally. Get a King-sized bed if it’ll fit. If you’ve ever slept on one, you’ll never go back. Otherwise, get the biggest bed that’ll fit.

The frame and headboard

Do you sleep in the bed of your dreams? Well, why not? To acquire the perfect bed is a very worthwhile goal. You spend a third of your life in there… sleeping, relaxing, and romancing…so make it grand!

Buy a “memory-foam” 3 or 3.3 inch mattress topper

Buy a “memory-foam” 3 or 3.3 inch mattress topper for your new bed. (2″ is not enough; 4″ is too much). If you’ve ever slept on one of these…you’ll never go back. It will improve your quality of life.

You are now on a mission

You are now on a mission–to find the absolutely perfect bedspread for your new king…get catalogs and go to all the department stores in town. Don’t quit till you find “the one” for you.

Colorful Bedspread

Stick to soothing, relaxing colors…not stimulating red and depressing black. Earth tones and calming greens, blues, and beiges are nice. Make sure you can live with the color scheme, because the bedspread is going to be your color palette for the rest of the room.

Cool cotton or satin sheets in the summer

A word of warning about satin sheets…you cannot keep a satin top sheet on the bed. It’s amazing…really…we haven’t decided if it creeps off in microscopic increments, or waits ’till you go to work, then slides off in one quick motion…either way, it will be in a crumpled heap on the floor when you get home… this is the solid truth

A platform bed!

To complete this style in your home, there are wonderful modern bedding sets, accents and accessories and platform beds which combine a romantic, yet crisp and clean style to your room and home and you can have it easily

Romance your Room

It’s easy to give your room’s personality and dÈcor a face lift with a few stylish, contemporary pieces. Begin by choosing a simple platform bed as your canvas and add romance and style with vibrant bedding, accessories and more.

Remove all clutter

Remove all clutter try to do a thorough spring cleaning; get rid of at least half the junk in your bedroom.

Move out the things

Move the desk, computer, exercise equipment OUT. They don’t belong in your new-found escape hatch.

Find Suitable Places

Find other places in your house to accumulate bills, books, pill bottles, dirty dishes and soiled laundry. Not the bedroom.

Floor Decorations

Now for the floor…need new carpet? Get it! If you have tile or wood floors, buy some luxurious new Sherpa throw rugs.

Painting the Wall

Paint the walls one of the lighter colors from your “bed- spread palette”. Go to the paint store or home improvement center. Get one of those textured wall paints…they impart a rich, soft dimension to your space.

Add new furniture

If you need new furniture, dressers, etc., get the best you can afford. But there’s no need to spend thousands at an upscale furniture gallery. Check out the used furniture spots, antique stores and thrift shops.

Candle Lights

The candle is the light of love. Get lots of them. Scented ones are great. Try to have those in your newly decorated bed room

Put a dimmer Switch

Put a dimmer switch on the overhead light… they’re easy to install…ask the guy at Home Depot for help.

Message table and Oil

Get a massage oil warmer and some Bindi oil. Buy a massage table…if you have room, leave it set up… get sheepskin covers for it

CD Player in the room

Hide a cd player in the cabinet…play soothing, erotic and romantic music it would give you some special momentum going while you and your partner lie on the bed.

Fresh Cut Flowers

Fresh cut flowers in a crystal vase on the dresser– they’re cheap at the supermarket…or pick wildflowers for free, that will create a nice environment

Arrange a Hot Tub

Get a hot tub…there must be some place in your house you can fit it in. You can fix it in your attached bathroom if you want to do so

Get one of those widescreen TVs, a 34-incher

(They’ve come way down in price to below $1,000 if you look around). Hook it up to a DVD player. Voila! Home theatre for two… now stock a full library of old romance classics and chick flicks.

Renovate your room

Want to cover all your bases? Renovate your bedroom using the principles of Feng Shui. These guidelines are in keeping with simple, practical and tasteful design you can search for it by searching in the web.

The Basics (common tips)

Remove clutter , Use color (paint the walls) , Buy soft sheets and nice bedding , Hang beautiful and colorful curtains , Music – have romantic CDs available , Either take out the television or hide it , Hang beautiful art work (not pictures of your family or children) , Use different-sized pillows , Light candles , Use beautiful flowers

Unique and Fun tips

Go beyond the basics to add a special touch while making your master bedroom more romantic.

Experiment with Mirrors

You don’t have to put the mirrors on the ceiling, but experiment with placing mirrors you already own in suggestive places. If the budget allows, you can purchase new mirrors, and based on your experiments, you’ll know exactly where to hang them.

Add Color without Painting

If you are renting, you are probably not permitted to paint the walls. Instead, shop around for the best deal on sheer fabric. Get creative with some thumb tacks and sheer fabric and you can turn your plain bedroom into a colorful romantic dream.

Make Your Own Canopy

Instead of buying a canopy, make your own. It’s still going to require some spending, but it will be a lot less than buying a ready-made one (or a new bed frame). , You can find wall-hooks at most craft or hardware stores. Put the hooks on the ceiling and hang sheer fabric from the ceiling to the floor.

“Does This Put Me in the Mood?”

While removing clutter, go through everything in your bedroom and ask, does this put me in the mood? If the answer is no, find a new home for it somewhere else in your apartment or home.

Make Your Own Erotic Art

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a fancy piece of art to hang in your new love nest, make your own erotic art. Buy a large canvas and some body paint. Put down a big tarp, cover yourselves in a variety of colors, and make love on the canvas.

Change the Bedding

Instead of buying new bedding, just wash the sheets and comforter and spray them with some linen spray, your favorite perfume or cologne, or even body spray.

Get the Temperature Right

This one seems obvious, but failing to plan for it could quickly kill the mood. If it’s cold, be sure to heat the room up by turning up the thermostat or using a space heater. If it’s hot, be sure to cool the room and add a fan to keep the air moving and romantic.

Make it Simple

Accessorize add small details of furniture and novelties. Bring attention to the detail. Keeping it simple. IE: Mirrors, Nightstand, a lamp, romantic picture frames of the both you

Apply sweet and simple things

Adding mirrors to your bedroom will add depth… Pictures frames, Romantic art wall, decorate your walls with elegance, adorn with beautiful decor. Once you decide on your style, make sure that you stick with it and don’t overdo it, keep it sweet and simple

Theme Selection

When deciding on what theme to select, keep the look comfortable and inviting, knowing when to not go any further. Gradually add details and features.

Make it like Heaven

Do you Feel relaxed and exhilarated in your bedroom? A beautifully dressed bed that feels like heaven… Create that perfect romantic and intimate setting

Take all the family pictures out of the room

I know how much you love your kids, dogs, and other family. You will still get to love their pictures in the living room. The idea is to make this room a place that is comfortable for you and your honey.

Use some artworks

Remove your mom and dad photographs from your room and No one wants to be getting down with their bad selves and look over and see mom and dad smiling at you, this will give you or your honey the feel that family is looking at you. Its recommend some romantic artwork or poems. I like artwork that makes you want to snuggle up

Take the TV Out

This is the easiest way to lose your honey for the night. One or both of you will watch TV until you fall asleep. If this is the way you unwind it’s recommended to read a book or stay in the living room until you are ready to go to the bedroom.

Framed Mirrors

Add framed mirrors into the room. This will make the room feel bigger and more comfortable. It can be round or square shapes as well

Keep the layout open

This means the bed should come off of the middle of a wall, and there should be somewhere to sit in the room that’s not the bed. Keep room simple.

Season of love

Small changes that reflect the passing seasons keep romantic rooms irresistible. Richer, warmer winter scents, including vanilla, should give way to fresher spring fragrances. Rotate sheet sets and blankets of different colors to match the seasons

Do not Disturb Sign outside your bedroom

You have got rid of the family things from your bedroom, you are ready for the romantic interlude, but before you that don’t forget to hang a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign outside your bedroom door.

Draperies or curtains

Draperies or curtains that catch the wind and flow can make one feel like swaying to the charms of the respective partner. This will also add a zing to the romantic appeal of the room.

Interesting texture for bedding

Interesting texture for bedding is also equally important. Faux Fur, velvet and velour are soft, rich fabrics that can be made use for comforters, blankets and throw pillows.