86 Ways to Kiss Your BF First Time

How to Kiss Your BF First Time

86 Ways to Kiss Your BF First Time

Tips 1

Prepare for the event: You pretty much have control over when the kiss is going to happen so you can prepare for it. Be sure to be ready with lips that are not chapped and remember breath mints, drops or gum just in case it happens after a garlic and onion infested dinner. Your boyfriend will appreciate your hygiene and fresh breath.

Tips 2

Pick the perfect spot: Take your boyfriend to a special place, or have him take you some place special for your first kiss. He may not know why you want to go but if he takes you there then that will be the right time to give him a smooch. A nice place with an unforgettable view or somewhere private but romantic is a perfect spot.

Tips 3

Wait for the right moment: Wait for the right time to plant one on your boyfriend. It may be after he says something sweet or when he divulges something personal to you. Either way, you will know when the time comes to kiss him because of the feeling you get. Don’t allow a perfect moment or situation to pass without taking advantage of it as you may regret it later.

Tips 4

Look him in his eyes: When the moment comes and it is time to kiss your boyfriend for the first time, make sure to gaze into his eyes. Doing this should signal to him that something is about to happen. Without breaking eye contact, begin to draw closer to him. Make sure that you gauge where his lips are if you intend to close your eyes when you are kissing him.

Tips 5

Plant one on him: Everyone has a different kissing style but good kissers all know that perfecting the technique is the key to a good kiss. After you have leaned in for the kiss, stop short of your boyfriend’s lips and make him lean in the rest of the way. This will ensure that he wants to kiss you as well. Reverse this process if he is the first one to make a move. Open your mouth slightly (about the width it takes to poke your tongue out) and provide gentle suction when your lips meet. You do not have to French kiss your boyfriend for the first time if you are unsure or uncomfortable about the experience.

Tips 6

Relax: If you are nervous they will be as well. Because they probably want to kiss you too.

Tips 7

Get them alone: Set the mood. It’s best to be alone when you have your fist kiss. This way you can avoid any awkwardness that could be caused by say, someone walking in on you.

Tips 8

Once you have them alone: Get a little closer, if they respond by putting their arm around you that is a good sign.

Tips 9

Lean in: After, you have cuddled for a bit stare into their eyes. As you are staring lean in. If they don’t back away that is a good sign. The rest will come naturally.

Tips 10

Your hands: If you aren’t sure about what to do with your hands. You can just keep them at your sides. You could also run them through your boyfriend’s hair. Whatever you do it is up to you because there really isn’t a set way to kiss. I’m sure that they will like whatever you decide to do.

Tips 11

Lips: Make sure lips are properly moisturized. Avoid overly sticky lip-gloss or lipstick of any kind. You don’t want to leave any marks or too slippery a surface.

Tips 12

Head tilt: Lean in and tilt your head slightly in either direction. His head should be tilted in the opposite direction.

Tips 13

Part your lips: Part your lips and close your eyes as you lean in until your lips meet his.

Tips 14

Tongue action: Kiss his mouth as you open your mouth wide. Slip your tongue in his mouth and play around with your tongue and his. Have fun with it, play around with the intensity of the tongue action and the intensity of the kiss.

Tips 15

Add personal touches: Lick, suck, bite his lip. Stroke the back of his neck, run your fingers through his hair.

Tips 16

Pay attention to his body language. Figure out what he responds to. Kissing should be a compromise as you both get acquainted with each others kissing styles.

Tips 17

Remember: Breathe through your nose

Tips 18

Technique: Part your lips slightly, and keep them comfortably firm, but not hard. Meet your partner’s lips and press yours gently against his. Pucker your lips ever so slightly, and enjoy your kiss for about three to five seconds.

Tips 19

Close your eyes at the right moment: When you lean in for the kiss, you want to be looking at your partner until your lips are about to meet. Don’t close your eyes too early, and don’t leave them open during your kiss.

Tips 20

To kiss well for the first time: You need to kiss for the right amount of time. Be sensitive to your partner’s body language. If the person you are kissing starts to move away or close their mouth, your kiss may be over. If in doubt, leave your partner wanting more. If they initiate the next kiss, you will know your first kiss went well.

Tips 21

Use your hands to augment your kiss: If you want to kiss well, and leave a good impression the first time, then you need to use your hands and touch the other person during your kiss. Start by embracing them around their head or torso, but do not violate their personal space by touching them.

Tips 22

Looking clean and smelling good: Have clean teeth and fresh breath. Smelling like sweat or having food in your teeth will not make a shy boyfriend get into the mood for a kiss.

Tips 23

Move your head toward his: If he doesn’t have to bridge the entire gap between you, he may feel more inclined to initiate the kiss. When you see him leaning forward toward your face, lean in as well and meet him halfway. Close your eyes when he closes his.

Tips 24

Maintain eye contact: If you’re looking elsewhere, you might pull away before he makes contact with a kiss. This can lead to an incredibly awkward situation that most boyfriends would like to avoid. If you keep your eyes on him, you will know when he’s ready for a kiss and will not pull away before it lands.

Title 25

Stay in physical contact: Keep a hand on his knee, keep hold of his hand or just touch his arm, his back or his cheek several times during the course of a conversation. Frequent physical contact will make a kiss seem like a natural progression of that contact. Just keep your movements slow and friendly. Making a lot of fast movements or grabbing his hand or arm may spook him.

Tips 26

If you want to practice by yourself: you should clasp your hands together and have the back side of your thumbs facing towards you.

Tips 27

Practice: Now that you have a pair of ‘lips’ to practice with, begin the moving your lips to your hands as if you are going to kiss. You should tilt your head to one side

Tips 28

Don’t look like a dead fish: Now close your eyes right before you make kiss. You don’t want to kiss someone with your eyes open looking like a dead fish.

Tips 29

Do not bang each other’s teeth: Apply your lips to your practice lips very gently. You do not want to bang each other’s teeth together.

Tips 30

Experiment: Now start to experiment more with kissing. You can use only the front part of your tongue. Do not jam your tongue down another persons throat though. Try going fast, slow, move your head from either side, soft, and harder.

Tips 31

Breath Mints: Also, smell your hands to see if they smell bad. If they do, you should buy a few portable breath mints.

Tips 32

Relax: breathe deeply and make eye contact with your boyfriend.

Tips 33

Assess: Assess what your mood is and try to sense your partner’s… if he is feeling frisky keep your eyes open and approach with nibbles to the lip and ear. If he is in a more sensual romantic mood proceed slowly closing your eyes as your lips touch.

Tips 34

If you just got done slow dancing and he isn’t letting go and he is staring at you, kiss him. He does want to.

Tips 35

If he’s really shy and he’s your boyfriend, put your finger under his chin, raise her face to yours and just gently peck your lips to him. If he doesn’t feel the same way about the kiss as you, he will say so.

Tips 36

Where?: Where ever you feel comfortable. Never kiss under pressure, or you won’t kiss as well. Do it when you’re ready in body, mind and spirit regardless if the kiss is to a genuine loved one or some hot guy you just met.

Tips 37

Make sure that you stare in to their eyes. Look genuine. Give them a simple smile and tilt your head and look down. Blush and look back in to their eyes with a flirty smile.

Tips 38

Lean closer to them and giggle. Place your nose slightly to the right touching the side of theirs. Close your eyes and keep your smile.

Tips 39

Get closer to his lips touching the bottom part slightly with your top part. Hold him close. Bit your bottom lip and slowly look back in to his eyes.

Tips 40

Look into your kissing partner’s eyes and step in close. At this point they will back up or stay there. You can tell a lot about how a person is feeling through body language. If the person backs up just tell them you thought you saw a piece of food in their eyebrow or something. Now gently guide your partners body in the rest of the way and extend your neck slightly as you turn your head so that your nose does not hit his or hers. The nose smashing event will likely lead to laughter but it will not be as good as a kiss. Also you never know what might protrude from your nose if it is smashed. Now lick your lips so that they are not dry and press them against your partners kiss and hold for two seconds. Nobody wants a dry kiss and if you do not believe this try kissing a tree. The bark will simulate dry lip skin.

Tips 41

Brush your teeth and tongue well before you get together: It also can’t hurt at all to floss thoroughly. There’s nothing worse than kissing someone with bad breath, or someone who still has leftovers stuck between their teeth.

Tips 42

Break the ‘Touch Barrier’ and bear in mind that, usually, guys hate to do that: Most of the time, you should do it for them. Touch his elbow, hold hands or gently put a hand on his knee. Tearing down this barrier will help both of you to get past some of the hang-ups that you may have about physical contact.

Tips 43

If you’ve broken the ‘Touch Barrier’ on a date, don’t be afraid to cuddle, especially if you’re at a movie or sitting down in a park. If he really likes you, he’ll cuddle back, if he doesn’t don’t sweat it!

Tips 44

After you start cuddling move your face towards his and glance at his lips and eyes often. If you do this while you’re cuddling him closely, it’s a turn on for most guys and they get the idea.

Tips 45

Be mentally prepared as the moment approaches. Most first kisses happen toward the end of a date. Visualize in your mind what you want to happen.

Tips 46

Look him in the eyes. Smile gently. Smile with your eyes while calmly glancing from his eyes to his lips a couple times.

Tips 47

Take a few steps forward and touch his elbow. By this time, he should lean forward.

Tips 48

Stare into his eyes deeply and move your head towards him slowly. Maybe bite your lip.

Tips 49

When he starts to close his eyes, close yours and lean forward slightly. He’ll be more than happy to do the work.

Tips 50

When you do kiss him, don’t rush off to tell everyone. Some guys are shy and won’t appreciate you sharing something that is personal between the two of you with all your friends. You should never kiss and tell, especially if you don’t want everyone to find out!

Tips 51

Sometimes guys don’t feel confident enough to make the first move. That’s when girls have to step it up.

Tips 52

If all else fails, just tell him you want to kiss. Don’t always think that the guys have to make the move. Some guys actually like having girls do some of the first moves!

Tips 53

When you hug him goodbye look into his eyes close to his face, and he should lean in.

Tips 54

You could also be seductive and sexy, by hugging him and whisper gently close to his ear ‘Kiss me,’ or ‘I want to kiss you!’

Tips 55

You may not want to just go in for the kiss, some boys may not like you being ‘full on’ so, instead, just hold hands or lean on his shoulder when watching a film. In the end he might feel that it is the right time to kiss you. If you haven’t held hands yet, that’s ok. Just silently hold his hand and let the moment glide along!

Tips 56

Don’t look nervous, that will just make him nervous

Tips 57

If you’re lucky enough to get the kiss, follow it where it may go. If his kiss is soft, respond with a soft touch of your own.

Tips 58

If you are upfront about kissing, then just ask him what he would do if you kissed him

Tips 59

Make the first move! You’ll thank yourself later

Tips 60

In order to not feel awkward after the kiss always look deep into his eyes and give him a huge smile.

Tips 61

After the kiss, give a little happiness sigh, with an itty-bitty high-pitched moan. He’ll think its so cute and it will create a more relaxed atmosphere.

Tips 62

Imagine Don’t worry. We’ve all got an in-built ability to kiss – even primates do it. So it’s a natural phenomenon, a bit like breathing, that is difficult to get wrong, and takes a surprisingly little amount of thought.

Tips 63

You got to make sure HE’S ready. If he is, he will give obvious signs such as suggesting or trying to hold your hand. If he’s ready, most likely he will all on his own, or he just needs your heads up. So look for this, and come up with your own way to tell him “Go ahead”

Tips 64

Maybe this guy does not want to kiss you, or maybe he just does not know how to kiss. Try teaching him how to kiss.

Tips 65

Best method from personal experience? Your boyfriend always wants to kiss you, but doesn’t always know if you want it too. So kiss him. You’ll get a lot more kisses this way, and he’ll love you for it!

Tips 66

Remember, he should want to kiss you. You shouldn’t have to make him kiss you.

Tips 67

Kissing each other should be a positive and pleasant experience for both of you so let him know if his way doesn’t feel comfortable for you.

Tips 68

Let him know you are interested. Your boyfriend may not be getting your signals and he cannot read your mind. If you want him to kiss you, let him know. This doesn’t mean you have to come right out and say “Kiss me now” Instead, make subtle gestures by holding his hand and leaning in close.

Tips 69

Draw his attention to your mouth. Touch your lips in passing or lick them delicately with your tongue. This is not a full-on sexual invitation but a hint so be graceful and don’t overdo the invitation. Your goal is to get his eyes focused on your mouth which should get him thinking about kissing.

Tips 70

Consider making the first move. Some guys need a little help knowing when to make a move. If you have offered the hints and noticed that your boyfriend is definitely interested and looking your way, he may just need a nudge. Give him one by offering a peck the next time you are close. He may just take the next step further and make your day.

Tips 71

Offer kissable lips. Make your mouth attractive by keeping up your oral hygiene. Brush your teeth and floss regularly. Chew some minty gum after a spicy meal before moving close for a kiss. Take care of your lips by keeping them hydrated and soft using lip balm.

Tips 72

Identify what kind of kiss you are looking for. Is this the first kiss between you? If so, he may not realize that you’ve moved from the hand holding stage to the kissing stage. First kisses also come in different varieties so you should know if you are looking for a peck or if tongue should be involved. If you are used to regular make-out sessions but your guy has been avoiding the kisses lately, there may be another issue. If this is the case, you may have to be more overt.

Tips 73

Relax and go for it. A kiss is a kiss and each time you kiss someone it will be different. Relax yourself look into his eyes, breath slow, reach in. Once connected close your eyes and let the kiss happen.

Tips 74

Tell your boyfriend how important kissing is to you and that you would like more kissing with the two of you. Let him know why it matters to you and how much it matters to you. Once he hears this he will probably make sure to spend more time kissing you. You and your boyfriend need to have more than sexual chemistry for the relationship to work, of course. Discuss the need for kissing without making it about your relationship for best results.

Tips 75

As your boyfriend gets more confidence he will most likely kiss you a lot more often and he’ll really enjoy it. It is important to give your boyfriend positive feedback when he kisses you, even when he is still working on getting better. The more you praise his kissing skills, the more he will want to kiss you. He will pick up on what kind of kisses you enjoy and you will both be very satisfied.

Tips 76

It may be that he has a problem with your kissing style or you just aren’t a great kisser. Talk to him about what he likes in a kiss and chances are he will be more than happy to show you!

Tips 77

If you think his nerves are getting the better of him tell him he is doing a great job and you are really enjoying his kisses. That will get rid of his nerves for sure.

Tips 78

Not all men enjoy having to be the first to initiate a kiss and it can be nerve wrecking for some. Turn it around on him and initiate the kiss yourself. He will love it and you will probably get a lot more kisses after that.

Tips 79

You will probably surprise him when you kiss him first but he will most likely return the kiss. Make sure you don’t give up on the kiss – you have to kiss him back in order to keep him interested in kissing you!

Tips 80

Make slow and gentle moves when you are going to kiss him

Tips 81

Look into his eyes when going in for a kiss.

Tips 82

Now that you know you’re about to kiss, it’s time to move in. To avoid awkwardness, move slowly. Moving in too fast can make your partner uncomfortable. As you move in, make sure that you’re in a comfortable position.

Tips 83

Now that you’re moving in, it’s time to make sure that you’re aligned with your partner. You want to tilt your head slightly so that your lips are lined up and there’s no chance of a missed kiss. Watch as you tilt to make sure that your partner has already tilted.

Tips 84

Make sure that your lips are relaxed and not tightly pressed together. The perfect kiss is pleasant, with your lips softly pressed together.

Tips 85

Close your eyes as you’re about to make contact. Some people feel awkward if their partner’s eyes are open. Besides, you’ll end up with a much more passionate kissing experience if you close your eyes and let the sensations drive you.

Tips 86

It’s finally time for impact! Gently touch your lips to theirs and you have the perfect kiss. Be sure not to pull away too quickly. You want to take your time and enjoy it! When you do finally pull away, look at your partner in the eyes again. A smile, an embrace, or a whisper letting them know that you enjoyed it are a nice way to end a kiss.