50 Ways to Know If You Love Someone

How to Know If You Love Someone

50 Ways to Know If You Love Someone

You’re happy when your partner is?

If you feel joy when your partner is happy and just a mere smile or his/her face gives you happiness than you are definitely in love with that person.

When You Feel Joy Inside

Love is all about feeling therefore if you find yourself very charming and feeling nice inside or you tend to enjoy all joys, lovely moments of satisfaction whenever he/she is with you then you can be sure of it

No Public Fear or Not A Matter Situation

You don’t mind public affection? – Do you often hold hands in public – maybe kiss or hug? If this is the case then you might be in love with your partner. Normally most couples don’t prefer showing much public affection until and unless they are in love.

Caring like family

Do you care for your partner just as you care for your family? And get sad when your partner is sad or maybe get happy when you partner is? Love is all about caring and sharing. And if you treat your partner just as like you treat your family than you are definitely in love.

You feel like being an open book

When you love someone you feel like being an open book and tend to share some of your biggest secret which you would never even share with your closest of friends.

You talk without getting bored

When you are in love you would always have something to talk about, it would never get boring no matter how long and how much you talk.

You would sacrifice

This is the best way to find out whether you are in love or not. If you are ready to sacrifice something for your partner’s comforts then you are definitely in love.

Sacrifice and Compromise Effects

Love is all about sacrifices and compromises and if you are truly in love you would not mind being committed and making sacrifices for the one you love.

Decide what you like about your significant other

Don’t fall for someone just because they give you attention. Wait for someone who truly understands you.

Feelings Drive Your Emotion

If you see your love every day at work, even if they sit right next to you, every time you turn around and you look at this person it feels like you’re seeing him/her for the first time, and that awesome feeling come over you, and you just feel like the luckiest person in the world.

Feel Like A King

You look at that person and you just feel like you can do anything, you feel inspired to be a better person, like you’re the king of the world.

You Construct Yourself

All of your self-doubt and issues disappear with just one look. Being truly in love makes you love and respect yourself, and in essence you will know. Remember you must love yourself before you can truly love someone else.

Heart Beats Increases

You look at him/her like he/she is the only person you see in the room. When he/she smiles you feel heat waves rushing through your body

Wake up and Feel

Every time you go home, you miss his/her voice and smile and personality. You wake up in the morning, and the first thing you think of is him/her

Real Love Indications

When your stomach feels funny, you can’t wait to see him/her and you feel very nervous about it too. , When you are always thinking of him/her. , When you are very shy and timid towards him or her. , When your body trembles when touched. , That’s Pretty sure you are in real love.

Certain Feelings and Changes

When you are in love it seems like a happy feeling and most probably you would be more positive. You might daydream a lot. You may appear to be nervous and do something completely unpredictable in front of him/her. You may get nervous when he/she looks at you. You think a lot about him/her.

When You Will Know It

When, at the beginning of the day, you are already filled with thoughts of the other person: what he/she is doing, how he/she looks, what you could do to make him/her smile todayÖ when something good or nice happens to you, you always think of how you must share this with him/her, be it a funny story or a moment of your triumph. Then it’s sure that you are in love with him/her

You become selfless

You start thinking more about what would be good for the other person, than what would be good for you. Your ultimate happiness is to be able to make that person happy, whether it is with you or with another person. You take care of him/her and you keep looking out for him/her.

Future Intentions Changes

You start to think of how it would be to be with this person foreverÖ and you relish that dream or feeling. The thought of spending the rest of your lives together is not seen as being stuck with another person, but is considered to be a very wonderful idea of being in love with him/her

You Will Feel Desperate

If there are other people who are more beautiful or attractive, you still choose to be with this person. This means your commitment to this person is absolute. You have fully and undeniably decided to be with only him/her no matter what. It is not only love, but also devotion.

Driving Your Car

When you’re in the car, do you think about him/her? Ask yourself if your answer is YES or you feel him/her always (all the day) then be sure you love that person

Measure Your Eye Contact

When you are in the class or in the same office do you look often to him/her? If yes or if your answer is you look at him/her automatically (or you don’t have any control over your eye or you can’t help to look at him/her) then it’s sure that you are in love with that person

Through Smiling Effect

Whenever you hear his/her voice, do you have smile immediately on your face? If your answer is YES or always then you are in love with that person

Feeling You and Me Only Situation

When you’re near them, do you feel like it’s only you and him/her and no one else is around? If Of course or Yes is your answer then you love that person surely

Tendency of Sharing Things

If you find yourself wanting to share things you think about or witness during the day with the other person, then you have developed a link that goes beyond mere chemistry or friendship.

Confirmation through Hand Movements

Keep your hands to yourself when you are around the other person and see how hard it is to do. If you always seat yourself near that person and constantly look for ways to touch, then you may be falling in love.

Laugh at Same Jokes/Interesting Moments

Laugh at the same jokes when no one else does and you may be in for a long-lasting love affair. Being able to get on the same wavelength with another person is a vital component of a love relationship.

Feeling Jealous

If you find him/her to spend times with the opposite gender in restaurants, parks, streets, in the bus or car, in office lunch hour or meeting sessions and you feel jealous (as like you can’t help yourself to see that) then be sure you love that person very much

The Private Distance

When you’re interested in someone you tend to keep a smaller private distance between you and him/her compared to the distance you would otherwise keep while being with others. You will notice that whoever might be interested in you is standing closer to you than to other people.

Orientation/Zero angle

Orienting himself/herself in your direction even if they were standing with other people. Orienting themselves means that they stand with their shoulders parallel to yours and with their toes pointing towards you.

Positive Evaluation Gesture

In body language rubbing your brows with your fingers means that you positively evaluated something. Now what if someone positively evaluates seeing you?? Then it means he/she likes you as you love her/him in the same way

I don’t want anything in particular

Calling you for any trivial reason like asking about something that he/she already knows or by just seeking confirmation to some kind of information. If they were smart enough, they may find a good reason to call you but when the frequency of these calls increases, this usually indicates that love is playing role behind it.

Why am I happy?

Smiling while talking to him/her even if there was no good reason for smiling is another strong sign. On other hand, in most cases he/she will try to hide the smile so they will appear as if they want to smile but are holding themselves


When you will cancel all of your important tasks to see her/him in some place near your office, home or in your way of returning home, it could be in any time within a whole day then it means you love that person

Your Friends Are Really Nice

When you see him/her with friends of him/her then you just try to complement those friends with the intention of making that person happy and that’s also the sign that you want that person very much

Coincidence Effects

Meeting him/her many times by coincidence is another sign. Of course these are not just coincidences but they may be either changing their schedule to suit yours or they may be going to the places that you usually go to in order to meet you by coincidence.

Nice or Cold?

Being very nice one day and ignoring the other day is one of the strongest sings. The logic behind this is very simple, at the beginning the person treats you very nicely because he/she likes you but when he/she goes home then realizes that he/she has given too much effort without receiving a response.

Smiles that Don’t Fade

A smile will not fade away quickly if you are genuinely interested in that person (that does not have to be love but worst case scenario, it will be deep interest). Only fake smiles fade away quickly, true smiles tend to linger a little longer.

Consistently In your Mind

When you close your eyes all you can think of is him/her, every waking moment you want to be with them. When you desire for their touches and so on

Caring More Than Yourself

When you start caring for the person more than you even care for yourself. However, there is a very thin line between caring about a person and actually loving a person. So interpret the feelings before you express your love.

No Eye for Any One

It is truly said that when you are in love, you have no eye for anyone other than each other. If you don’t even mind general PDA that is public display of affection like holding hands etc, then you may surely be in love.

If Gross Habit Doesn’t Disgust You

If you accept your partner as he/she is and doesn’t wish any change in him/her and even a gross habit doesn’t disgust you, then you surely may be in love.

Online Love Quiz Effects

If you just play online love quiz and read his/her horoscope, then you may be in love. When your heart skips a beat every time you see him/her you may have fallen in love.

First Thing and Last Thing

When he/she is the first thing in your mind when you wake up and the last thing when you go for sleep.

Mind Refresher

When even after a hectic schedule and a bad day at work, a glimpse of him/her can make your forget about all the bad things that had happened to you that day.

Looking for any excuse to talk about him/her

When someone falls in love with someone else, he/she usually feels eager to talk about that person and so tries to find any excuse to mention the person’s name in front of others.

Frequency of moving her hair

When a girl moves her hair backwards using one hand so that she reveals her ear, this usually means that she is interested in the person she is talking/listening to. , If this is repeated several times while talking to a specific person, this could mean she is extremely interested in him or, in other words, she is in love with him.

Being anxious when being with him/her

Almost everyone cares very much about the impression that the person he loves forms of them and as a result they tend to be very anxious in the presence of that person, especially on first meetings.


Do you notice how you behave right after you meet the person you love? If the meeting went well then you’ll most probably notice that you have become hyperactive; doing things that you usually don’t do and saying things that you usually don’t say. This hyper-activity can be a very good indication of whether someone is in love with someone else or not.

Phone Calling Effects

When you’re on the phone with them late at night and after they hang up you still miss them.