82 Ways to Kiss on a Date

How to Kiss on a Date

82 Ways to Kiss on a Date

Eye contact

Maintain eye contact as you close in for the kiss. Try not to close your eyes until after making lip contact.

Avoid bumping noses

Tilt your head slightly to one side to avoid bumping noses.

Don’t Do It

Press your lips gently against your date’s. Try not to suck his or her breath away just yet.

Looking into eyes

Release the kiss and look into your date’s eyes. If he or she isn’t looking back at you the same way, then you probably shouldn’t continue.


Softly kiss your date’s neck, ears and eyelashes. By this time, you’ll have a better feel for how and where to kiss your date.

Prepare for a romantic date

If you do not like romance, you now have to get used to it. It is a fundamental factor that can arouse girl’s desire. If you have a romantic date, things may go beyond just a kiss. To get a kiss will be easy if both of you have just been through a romantic date. The girl will want to continue if she feels right. It is your job to make it that way. So, you have to find a way to make your date as romantic as you can.

Touch her during the date

You can hold her hands or tab her shoulder. Do some physical contact and check out her reaction. It is a must that you know that she doesn’t mind being touched. Don’t make it too obvious that you are taking advantage of her. You know that this is sensitive so you have to be careful.

Know the right timing

Test out what will be the best time for her. Notice her emotion and see if she is in the mood. Look at her while you talk. Have a good conversation about her. The more she is open to you about herself, the higher chance you can get a kiss.

Learn how to kiss

You don’t have to buy a book on kissing. You learn by experience. The best kiss is the kiss from your heart and soul. Relax and make it as natural as you can. Do not kiss because you want to have sex. Kiss because you are passionate about her.

Don’t rush it

Don’t rush it. You don’t know what his kissing style is yet, so you should avoid attacking his face with your eager mouth. Take it slow and feel each other out. Once you get his rhythm, then you can try and do you signature kissing move.

Don’t over think it

Don’t over think it. When the timing is right, go for it. Hesitation will only make the kiss awkward, or even forced, and you’ll just kick yourself at the end of the date for having waited too long.

Touch his arm

If he still hasn’t kissed you and you want to be kissed, touch his arm. We women almost never touch men we are not attracted to, right? So go ahead and put your hand on his arm. You can also stroke his back, or even stroke his thigh slightly. This will give him the signal that you want to be kissed, and he will lean in to make the first move.

You can also try this trick

Kiss him on the cheek at the beginning of the date. This eases the awkwardness and sets the tone for what’s to come at the end of the date. It gives him the signal that you like him, but that it’s up to him to wrap things up.

The Test

If you’re close together, somewhere private go ahead comment that her hair looks soft. Start stroking her hair while you’re talking with her about whatever. Note how I didn’t say ASK her. Just go ahead and do it. If she doesn’t like it, she probably doesn’t want to kiss you. Otherwise, do you think a girl would let you stroke her hair if you’re someone she doesn’t like?

The Initial Kiss

Lightly take her head and pull it towards you, and place one or two soft, slow kisses on her lips. Then pull away and look into her eyes with confidence. Don’t look apologetic. Continue with what you were doing as normal but don’t remain silent as if judging her reaction. Just go ahead and continue the conversation, continue the bowling, continue the pool game, whatever. She won’t be able to take her mind off the kiss. She may even try to start kissing you, but don’t let her. Just tell her you’ll kiss her later.

The Build Up

Just keep building up the tension and teasing her. Maybe you can give her another kiss once or twice, or just brush your lips lightly against hers. Either way, don’t give her exactly what she wants. Just enough for her to know how good it is, and then take it away from her. This will keep her wanting more.

The Release

Before you part ways you can properly make out with her. If things are going good and heating up, then you can take it beyond that. This is a mistake that I’ve personally made often. Physical contact is important to me, and so I’ve made the mistake of going crazy over a woman just because we’ve kissed. Maintain your composure and take the stance of “it was just a kiss”. Keep your game up and the rewards will be great for you. For more 2nd date kiss tips, you might want to check out some of my other resources.

Have fun during the date

Having a blast during your date can be a great trigger to end the night with a kiss. It’s like you’re crazy not to kiss. You just both had the time of your life! So avoid anything that’s going to ruin the night like showing up late, or getting all grumpy and stressed. It’s contagious and your date might get it. Relax and enjoy the moment.

Be in an intimate conversation

Ask him questions. There are many topics you can tackle to keep the conversation going. From personal stuff to political views, go on right ahead. Make him talk more. Be curious about him. Don’t be rude, don’t butt in. Keep the conversation stimulating.

Flirt and tease her

Talk, laugh, have fun. Tease her a little and goof around. Girls want to be around a guy who can sit back, relax and just enjoy the moment. This can help the both of you loosen up for that big kiss coming right up.

Stare at his lips

When his talking, stare at his lips. When he gets aware of you staring at his lips, he will absolutely feel the sexual tension rising. Don’t make it too obvious though, that might just freak him out. Keep it subtle but make sure he’ll notice what you’re doing sooner or later.

Linger for a while

When you’re about to part ways, linger. It’s like a signal for a guy to make his move and kiss you. He’ll get the signal, believe me. Most guys just wait for the green light before they can actually make the move on you. Yeah, they can pretty cautious especially if it involves the girl they really like. Make the kiss linger too.

The Set Up

Instead of attempting to get in there for that kiss on your own, you can simply make her go in for that kiss. To do this, you need to set up a situation in such ways where she totally wants to taste you. Flirt and tease her the whole night. If she ends up reacting well, then the deal is practically sealed.

The Gaze

This very subtle move can subconsciously send her direct messages. Look her directly in the eye and then look at her lips before looking at her other eye. This might sound strange, but it actually reveals how inclined she is for a kiss. Try it out and see it for yourself.


This is a hidden skill that is used by top artists in order to get women to completely fall in love with them in an instant. The main idea would be to use stories in order to take women through quick emotional lows and highs that make them connect to you emotionally, practically turning you into an addiction. She will be much more receptive to any moves that way; this includes that first kiss.

Fifteen minutes

You can get women to fall in love with men in less than fifteen minutes. It is a little controversial and when misused, you could end up with stalkers. Be careful!


You should also build some anticipation when you want to know how to kiss a girl. Start off snuggling on the couch and gently brushing her ear. Things will quickly start to heat up again, at which point you should pull away. Try leaning in and then resisting a few more times. Very soon, she will practically be begging you for a kiss. She will soon decide that she just HAS to have a kiss from you after being teased for a while.

First thing you need

If you want to learn how to kiss a girl, the first thing you need to do is be bold. Women like men who are in charge and who surprise them. Don’t bother with playing the shy gentleman. If you find an attractive girl, initiate a conversation with her and then go for the gusto. She might be caught off guard, but that won’t necessarily mean she didn’t enjoy the surprise element of the whole situation.

The first kiss

There are reasons for the difference in value that men and women place on the first kiss. Men were likely to say that the kiss was a means to a hook-up, while women used the kiss to determine a possible relationship.

Proven kissing techniques

A kiss gives us indications of sexual compatibility. This makes that first kiss very important. If you want to make sure your first kiss gets you a second date, use these eight proven kissing techniques and you’ll have that special someone begging for more!

Not a quick peck

A great kiss lingers on your lover’s lips, hovering a glimmer away and then going back for more. It is not a quick peck.


Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Nobody wants their first kiss to be chapped and scratchy.

Don’t invade with your tongue

Do not immediately invade with your tongue. Remember the hovering? Save the tongue for the second part of your first kiss.

Not just a sex object

A great kiss can be teasing and playful, conveying that you like your partner and that you are interested in them as a person, not just a sex object.

I want you!

If you feel a real connection with your partner, sucking on or lightly biting his or her lip briefly at the end of the kiss says “I want you!”


Ladies, if you would like a great kiss goodnight, do not get carried away with the lip gloss or lipstick. Most men do not look good in your color, nor do they want their lips to be shinny and smell like fruit.


Guys, if you are not sporting a beard, make sure you shave well. Stabbing her face with razor stubble will not make her want to come back for more.

Make a good impression

Making sure that everything goes out well in the near future starts from your first date — in other words, it is still true that first impression lasts. So try not to come in too tardy and keep him waiting, or to mess things up — he needs to be blown away the minute he sees you.

Smile, laugh, flirt

Have a great time during the date. Engage him in a conversation, smile, laugh, and flirt — show him you love his company as well. Don’t suppress what you really feel inside. Eventually, that would make you come off as someone fake. So if you’re having a great time, go on right ahead and show him you’re having a great time too.

Be smart and witty

Be smart, witty and flirty. Truth is, men admire smart women too. They often show a strong personality and a great sense of humor. That’s why you better speak your mind and express yourself as well — and don’t forget to make him laugh. He’ll love that.

Linger for a while

Don’t rush it. Always make things linger. Before leaving your table, linger for a while. Or just before entering your doorway and saying goodnight — and linger the kiss as well. Make sure you keep things slow and definitely memorable.

Do You Even Want to Kiss Her?

The two of you really hit it off, and then kissing on the first date can really escalate things. A first kiss can be the perfect end to an evening of fun and companionship. It can send her home with goose bumps, unable to wait until your next date.

Did You Both Click?

Even if the evening went well, how can you know if she’d be receptive to a kiss? The obvious answer to this question lies in the chemistry you felt while on your date. Was the conversation good, or were there too many awkward silences? Was she enthusiastic about going places with you, or did she ask you to take her home early? Answering these questions can provide a lot of insight into the first-kiss dilemma.

Put some sexy cologne on

Make sure you have a shower and put some sexy cologne on. Face it guys, the biggest reason girls won’t kiss a guy is because guys present themselves as untidy and smell awful. Women have very sensitive noses, and they don’t want to kiss any guy who smells bad. Good cologne, which you can buy from any department store will do fine.

Keep close to her

One of the biggest problem when giving a kiss is a lack of intimacy. If you keep an arms distance, you won’t get anywhere. Start by touching her, on the shoulders which is non-threatening and then move on to intimate places like the torso, bottom and waist. Once done so, you’re half way there!

Don’t get permission to kiss

The big turn off for girls is that if you give them permission to kiss them. This is a big no. All you need to do is just kiss her when you get close to her as much as you can. Don’t ask and just do it. Simple but effective!


Respect is a primary ingredient of a lasting relationship. If you start off as friends, then you can go and move on .on the next level bit by bit and chances are, you will really get on to the intimacy level. Either way, you’re your own master. Follow your guts. And enjoy the dates!

Attraction at first sight

Your eyes met across the room and you know right away this girl is hot. And the best part is, she’s checking you out, too! She’s definitely attracted and you haven’t even started the dinner. Don’t rush. Enjoy the evening, stay mysterious.

Everything was perfect

The weather, the food, the ambience, the mood. Everything seemed perfectly planned up until it’s time to bring her home. And what could possibly be a more grand way to end it? Bingo.

You both want the kiss

Damn it. She kept touching your shoulder and leaning close. You can’t help it but stare at her lips too. She’s becoming clingy and moves in inch by inch nearer. You know it and she knows it. You both want the kiss so why not do the deed and leave the both of you at peace?

Directions on how to tongue kiss

Kissing is something that everyone does but no one really teaches. Everyone is different and it takes careful observation to master how another person likes to be kissed. When it comes to instructions on how to French kiss it really comes down more to instinct than technique.

Going down the rabbit hole

So what do you do once you have your tongue in the other persons mouth? If the other person is shy you should coax their tongue out of hiding by lightly rubbing your tongue along the top and bottom of the tip of theirs. Once their tongue has come out to play, rub yours around theirs in a circular motion slowly. Reverse directions every so often for variety. You can also mix it up by coaxing the other person to put their tongue in your mouth for a little give and take action. The other important part behind French kissing is sucking on the other persons tongue. Now we’re not talking Hoover here. This should be a light steady pressure on their tongue once it is in your mouth. You can even tell your partner to stick out their tongue and than suck on it. Keep in mind that your lips should still be on the other persons while you are pleasuring their tongue.

Tips and Tricks!

Some things you can do to add a little spice to your French kissing are rubbing your tongue along the teeth of your partner. Both top and bottom, inside and outside, slowly in a smooth arc. Only one at time though you are not their dentist. This is a bit difficult to do while still having your lips attached so take it slowly. A lot of people associate French kissing with fast very passionate kissing when in fact French kissing should be slower and languorous. If you are locked in a really hot and heavy locked mouth session it is actually better to use your lips only as it allows you to shift your head around and use your hands which is difficult to do when your French kissing as your mind is on your tongue. Also French kissing can feel invasive when done too fast and without finesse. These directions on how to tongue kiss will improve your relationship.

Set it up

Instead of you doing the kissing, why don’t you set up a scenario wherein she does the kissing instead? The situation must make her feel emotional enough that she’s compelled to kiss you.

The Right Way to Stare at Her

You can send subconscious signals of wanting to kiss her by looking at her eyes first, then her lips. If she does not look away while your eyes are roving over her face seductively, you know she wants the kiss.

The initial kiss

The initial kiss is an important point in any interaction. The first kiss tells her a lot about you: How relaxed with her are you? How confident do you feel with her? How comfortable are you with your desires? Based on how you kiss, she’ll even come up with ideas on how you are in bed.

Woman has a fantasy

Another powerful point in improving in how to kiss is the art of reading out how she wants to be kissed. Each woman has a fantasy in her mind that defines what her ideal kiss is – Some like a wet tongue down, some women like a gentle and passionate kiss, while others prefer to be pushed against a wall and feel completely controlled by the man she’s with.

One of the best kissers

One large part of becoming better at how to kiss is learning her style of kissing and granting her exactly that. Once you can do this correctly, you’ll start getting women who give you compliments like “That was so good – You’re one of the best kissers I’ve ever met!”

Kiss on a first date

It is encouraged you to always kiss on a first date, especially if you are genuinely interested in her. It will avoid the possibility of you being classified as ‘too good of a friend.’ And it is fun to kiss girls!

Body language

You must flirt with him and give me good hints of your desire to kiss. These hints can be given in the form of a touch, brushing against his shoulders, smiling or just letting your hair down. Give him that curious Mona Lisa smile and he is sure to get interested in you.

Just be a little slow

If the guy is shy and responds slowly to your flirting act just be a little slow. You can start by holding his hand, caressing his cheeks or forehead on the pretext of cleaning something. Or just start with a small peck on the cheek.

Remove barrier

You need to talk to him, make him comfortable and most importantly touch him. You can use various pretexts of touching or brushing by him. This creates the perfect prelude to a kiss.

Surely respond back

Now, when you feel the guy is prepared, just look into his eyes, come closer to him. You can hold his hands or better would be to hug him and then follow your heart and Kiss the guy. If the guy is happy, he will surely respond back.

After kiss

Many tend to ignore this crucial part. Similar to creating a good prelude to a kiss, it is equally important to conclude it gracefully and beautifully. Once the kiss is over, look into his eyes for a second and then look down. Let him take the charge now. This is what boys love! They like to dominate.

Before meeting

Before meeting on your first date, make sure your breath is clean and minting fresh with a hint of cinnamon, spearmint, or peppermint, etc. Having bad breath can be anyone’s worst nightmare.

Small kiss on the cheek

On your first date meeting for the first time, a small kiss on the cheek is a great icebreaker. All people like to be kissed from soft and smooth lips. Not a hard kiss, no saliva, and no crack lips. Chap Stick, lip gloss, etc, is necessary to keeping your lips smooth at all times. This first soft kiss will relax the tension that is there. You can now easily get on with the socialization. If you have been emailing and chatting over the Internet for sometime, this first kiss would be a good thing to do.

Still bring some relaxation

You want to get this first kiss out of the way because at the end of the date, their will not be that awkward moment. You have done the kissing thing already. Although this was a small kiss, this will still bring some relaxation while on the date.

After the first kiss

After that first kiss, appear not to get too close when out on the date. You do not want to get too close because this will kill the mood in getting to know each other better. You want to be relaxed while concentrating on this. Just socialize and have a great time in getting to know your date a whole lot better.

No tongue!!!

A closed mouth slow kiss at the end of the date would put the icing on the cake. If this kiss is slow and delightful, this could be a big factor in getting that second date. Whisper in his or her ear and kiss gently with a slightly warm brush against the cheek or lips. That’s it. And no tongue because you do not want to suck his or her breath away. Not yet anyway.

In front of other people!

Don’t put your first kiss on display in front of other people. This is your first intimate shared experience together and should be in private with no chance of interruptions from friends, family and especially strangers.

In a rush!

Don’t kiss when either or both of you are in a rush. If you are in a hurry and kiss and run, then the other person may think that you have had a terrible reaction to their kiss. If they kiss and run because they have to be somewhere then you could be spending the next 72 hours wondering whether you are the worse kisser on the planer. Make sure you both have time to enjoy this moment of intimacy together.

Physical proximity

Build yourself up beforehand so that you aren’t too nervous. Also spend some time in close physical proximity to your love interest so that you are not too overwhelmed by their physical closeness but you are close enough to make a move on the other person without appearing forced and awkward.

Tasty chewing gum

If you’re thinking of kissing someone real soon and feel that you are going to pounce on them any day now make sure you brush your teeth regularly and have tasty chewing gum and mints on hand just in case.

Freaky clown

If you’re thinking of kissing someone soon don’t keep re-applying your lipstick. Not only will it taste terrible but it will smear over both of your faces making you look like a freaky clown in a Stephen King novel rather than the object of their desire.

Don’t Smoke

Kissing someone who smokes is like kissing an ashtray. Most people don’t like to kiss a smoker. If you can’t stop smoking then make sure you never ever smoke unless you have got gum or mints handy. Smoking is one thing but tasting like smoke is another. Your love interest will appreciate your thoughtfulness and consideration too.

Never be drunk

Never be drunk if you want your first kiss to be memorable. You want to be remembered for being a great, skilful kisser and not a sloppy out of control drunk. Being drunk while having your first kiss is something your love interest will sooner forget, and that’s the last result you want.

Never criticize

Never criticize anyone for their kissing style. Kissing is a deeply personal and intimate experience. Your love interest may have had horrible teachers. Now is your chance to make it your mission to make your love interest the best kisser they possibly can be. A first kiss is a wonderful experience that two people can share. Don’t trivialize it or lesson its impact by telling your love interest they’re the worse kisser you have ever had. Just put it down to a bad experience that will improve in time. Make it your mission to become the most fantastic kisser imaginable and enjoy the journey to mastering the art of kissing and being the best kisser they’ve ever had.

Safest bet

If you haven’t seen or talked to this person prior to your date, be a little careful in making your decision. It doesn’t always work out like this, but guys are usually responsible for taking charge in this situation. Show her you respect her and you’re not just looking for sex by giving her a small kiss on the cheek. The kiss on the cheek is most likely your safest bet, unless of course things have gone so well that you feel confident she will like a kiss on the lips. Attempting a kiss on the lips too early on can really backfire on you.

Earn her trust

Women would never kiss you on the first date unless you have complete trust on you and you can only get a woman to completely trust you when you become 100% honest to her. Don’t hide anything from her and try to present your best self. Don’t try to act or pretend like someone you are not, let her know that you are what you are and that’s it.

Impress her

The very next step in order to get her to kiss you is to impress her to the extent that she simply can’t help but kiss you. Now you would never be able to impress her by bragging about how good you are. Just do what you normally do on a date and make it a point to polish your talk. Do you know that communication is the biggest factor which would impress a woman within minutes? Keep yourself up to date on the current matter and learn to keep the conversation going. Show her that you know a lot and you have a lot to offer.

Don’t leave her any other option

Don’t give her any escape route or any reason to refuse a kiss from you. Take her to an expensive candle light dinner and maybe a long drive. Overwhelm her emotions and once you have captured her emotions she would find it very hard to refuse a kiss even when you make the first move.

Private and romantic spot

Find a private, romantic spot for the kiss. A good place is at your house or your partner’s house or maybe at the movies. If you are at home, it is a good idea to watch a movie or something else relaxing. You want to let the girl decide where to sit and then sit close to her so your legs touch but not uncomfortably close.