8 People are Being Killed Everyday by Smart Phones Why?


Each day, approximately 8 people are killed and 1,161 are injured in accidents caused by distracted drivers in the US alone.

The CDC has identified 3 types of distracted driving:

– Visual (taking your eyes off the road)
– Manual (taking your hands off the wheel)
– Cognitive (taking your mind off of driving)

Even just checking a message, not even responding to it, can cause you to become distracted in all 3 ways!

It’s a small thing that probably all of us have been guilty of, but it can have deadly consequences – to ourselves, our passengers, and those we share the road with.

We all think it could never happen to us. But the statistics tell a different story. It’s happening every single day to people who probably also thought it would never happen to them.

The solution is incredibly simple: Don’t check your phone while driving!

But we know that’s easier said than done. You’re driving home from work and you hear that ping… and another one… and another one! You think, “I’ll just quickly check.” Or maybe, “That’s my family. They’ll worry if I don’t reply.” Or even, “That could be the office. It might be urgent.”

But the truth is, there is nothing more urgent than safety.

With Offline, it’s incredibly simple to switch offline before getting behind the wheel. You can even select the Offline Driving moment so your auto-reply message lets people know you’re driving, and you’ll respond as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Ready to say goodbye to distracted driving? Download Offline for iPhone or Android today.


Distracted Driving