Here’s how to really kick that social media habit


Ever feel like your social media habit might be bordering on addiction?With our phones always on hand, of course we’re constantly reaching for them, checking for notifications, hoping we haven’t missed anything. It would be hard not to make a habit of it.

Social networks are great for staying connected. But when checking your phone gets into addiction territory, you can actually start to lose your connection to the real world. Offline helps you fight that!

f you’re ready to kick the habit, here are 3 tips to help:

1. Reach out to at least one real person each day

Make a point of genuinely connecting with at least one friend or family member each day. It could be a phone call with a sibling, a quick coffee meetup, or a chat with a neighbor. The goal is to give your real world communication muscles a jolt back to life, so they remember what it’s like to truly connect, and start to crave real world connections.

2. Get a hobby

Maybe you’ve been meaning to work on your golf swing. Is there a cause you’ve always wanted to volunteer with? Many gyms offer trial memberships that let you try different classes. Join a book club, a running club or take a mixology class!

3. Reconnect with yourself

You see a lot of buzz these days about ‘mindfulness’. And there’s something to it. Practicing mindfulness can reduce stress, boost your memory and improve your focus, among other benefits.Meditation is one option, but there are many other ways to be mindful. This Quora discussion has some great tips for cultivating mindfulness.

Ready to kick your habit? Download Offline for iPhone or Android today.

To your digital freedom!