Minimalize mind for better focus


Minimalism is about stuff… owning less, decluttering, organizing… but it also extends to your mind. Decluttering your thoughts to live a more peaceful, stress free life.

Offline is about allowing you to disconnect from ‘communication clutter’ with peace of mind. So naturally, the idea of a minimalist mindset is pretty appealing to us.

Here are 4 ways to start adopting a minimalist, peaceful mindset:

1. Find an activity that clears your mind
You probably jumped to yoga or meditation, but any sport or activity can help clear your mind. It’s all about finding the one that works for you.

Many people find running, rowing or skiing relaxing. Team sports work for others. Activities like knitting, or colouring can also clear and focus your mind.

2. Single-task as much as possible
We rarely ever do just one thing. At work, we juggle projects and tasks. At home, we cook dinner, help with their homework and keep the laundry on the go. As we run errands, we make phone calls, check email and answer messages.

Eventually, all those distractions lead to mistakes and a lot of stress! Single-task whenever possible. Schedule a time when all you do is clear your inbox. Set aside time with family or friends to focus 100% on them.

3. Be realistic about ‘must do’ versus ‘should do’
We often get overwhelmed by things we think we have to do. But often, we confuse ‘must do’ with ‘should do’.

When your mental to-do list gets overwhelming, take a moment to write out everything you think you need to do. Then go through the list highlighting only what you truly must do.Maybe you must pick up the kids from soccer, but groceries can wait. Maybe you must answer emails during work hours, but anything after 5PM can wait.

4. Schedule regular ‘time outs’ for yourself
Digital communication is super convenient. But it can also clutter your mind and distract you.

Make a habit of communication time outs. Switch yourself to ‘offline’ and fully immerse yourself in the moment. Whether it’s time with family, focusing on work, participating in an activity, or just sitting quietly.


Let us help you ‘minimalize’ your mind. Download Offline for iPhone or Android today.