Inspirational Quotes That Will Change Your Life Completely #2



1) No family is perfect. We argue, we fight. We even stop talking to each other at times. But in the end, family is family…The love will always be there.

2) Don’t come to my funeral to show how much you cared about me. Show how much you care about me now… while I’m alive.


3) Speak only when you feel your words are better than your Silence.


4) Remember to take care of yourself. Sometimes you get so busy taking care of others that you forget that you are important too.


5) A strong woman may remain silent when people talk behind her back.But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t notice. It simply means she chooses not to waste her energy on foolishness. She has more important things to do.


6) Soft and kind heart people are not fools. They know what people did to them, but they forgive again and again because they have beautiful hearts.


7) Respect the old when  you are young. Help the weak when you are strong. Confess the fault when you are wrong. Because one day in life you will be old, weak and wrong.


8) Life is like a book Some chapters sad, some happy, and some exciting. But if you never turn the page. You will never know what the next chapter holds.


9) When our phone hangs or works slow, we delete all the unwanted pictures, files & data.. In the Same way when our life hangs or slows down, let us delete unwanted memories & worries. Forget all unpleasant experiences of our life And get some extra space to enjoy it fully… Life is short Let’s live it to the fullest.


10) People Who are good from heart would always be rough in speaking out their feelings. Because they can’t pretend, they just do good when time comes…