The Struggles Of A ‪Curly Haired Woman‬ Described Perfectly In These Poems!

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It is for the fellow curly haired girls who are not alone in the struggle of keeping up the tough job of managing their hair on a day-to-day basis.

Stick fingers through hair

HATS?! Please don’t even ask!

hats humidity

And how I wish there really exist that magic wand to all our problems!

magic trick

And damn those pretty frocks! Uh, actually those are my locks!


Frizz! Frizz! Frizz! Frizz! That’s what I got all my life!

suicide braid

Neither are they alone in the struggle to buy a new conditioner before the old one’s over.

bobby pins

It’s always like – Oh Thank You humidity, I always wanted to be the lioness queen.

long and curly

No! We try really hard to avoid doing that..But somehow my sleep always comes in the way.. And there’s always a surprise waiting after waking up.

grizzly bear

Here comes my comb again! And again! And again!

unbearable pain

These poems of our struggle, however, make us laugh away our troubles describing the exact situation of a curly haired woman.

quick shower

And how I feel broke to accomplish this mission!

soften and conditon

It’s like you can pull out handfull of hair in the shower, but still have a lion’s mane on your head!

broken hair

And then there are those large number of combs which happily gave their life to make my hair what it is today! :’)

my combs are my fallen comrade

Each one of us in the squad know how we hate the hairbrush and look to the serum in it’s eyes with so much love!

saving money is a joke

But we always know how to cherish and value a good hair day as a good curly girl.

looking fabulous