Facts About Men and Women

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Men and Women are very different, no matter how much you try to understand the opposite gender, it’s never an easy game. No book can give you a take on how they can understand each other. But we’re sure that these facts can help.

Women don't want a honest answer to the question how do i look?


Men spends almost a year of their life staring at women, a survey found


Who says that women leak secrets? 47 hours and 15 minute is the average amount of a time women can keep a secret


Smoking causes impotence in men, hope you quit smoking after reading this


Women spend nearly one year of their lives deciding what to wear


If you're a man better don't put your laptop on the lap, if it feels hot it may cause infertality


In total women in their lives spend over 4 year menstruating


Women blinks 19 times per minute when compared to 11 for men


Men were the first to wear high heels around the 1600s, women began to wear them to look more masculine


Women speaks about 20000 words a day, thats 13000 more than the average man


The First time two men kissed on a screen was in 1927