How to act like a SuperStar or Celebrity

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Acting like a celebrity or a superstar is not easy, you need to train yourself for that, the following tips will help you become a superstar

Get an entourage


No celebrity exists without a proper entourage. Your retinue of followers should include assistants, fans and, of course, a dedicated “glam squad” to make sure your hair, makeup and wardrobe are picture perfect.

Brand your name


Whether you drop your last name or your first or make your name into a superstar portmanteau such as “Brangelina,” you should make your name into a trademark. Your name is the first part of you that you adore public meets, so make it memorable and say it often.

Be fussy and picky


Superstars are used to getting what they want. Madonna ships expensive bottled water wherever she goes, while J. Lo insists on having a certain kind of chewing gum on hand at all times. Start making ridiculously specific demands to act like a super-celeb. Remember, there is no request too small or big for a superstar, so don’t hold back.


Purchase the latest fashion magazines


Browse the pages and point out what styles you like then select one popular style.

Pretend you don’t


Pretend you don’t want your picture taken while deliberately putting yourself in the limelight. Celebrities, who earn their bread and butter (and their diamonds and gold) by posing for a camera, act as if they are allergic to a flash bulb. But, as the old Zen masters teach, “We pursue that which retreats from us,” so pretend to avoid the cameras while being center-stage at all times.


To looking like you’re a superstar, make sure you pay special attention to tailoring. A properly fitted suit is the key to style success for men with shorter frames when choosing their wedding tuxedo. A classic two or three button jacket and pleated pants in monochromatic colors work best.

Put pictures of yourself

Put pictures of yourself and act like a super star BUT SAVE IT FOR THE INTERNET ONLY. Don’t ever bring your internet life to the real world

Show your charisma


Show your charisma and creativity skill points. The more charismatic and creative you show, the faster your fame level will rise. Show creativity by playing instruments or painting a picture on the easel.


Work out and gain body skill points


If you’re acting like a famous actor, you have to make sure you look good in a bathing suit. Work out with weights in your spare time and make sure you have a high body skill points.

Go to Studio Town

Go to Studio Town and either sing karaoke or participate in open mic night. Once you have a successful performance, you’ll gain one half of a fame star.

Accumulate more fame


Accumulate more fame stars by taking part in photo shoots, recording songs, and acting in commercials. These can all be done by interacting with various objects and people in Studio Town.

Make friends with other actors


Make friends with other actors and stars on in Studio Town, as it’s not just about what you know, it’s about who you know. The higher levels of fame require you to have a lot of famous friends.

Act on the Director’s Turf Sound Stage once


Act on the Director’s Turf Sound Stage once you have 4 Ω fame stars and 18 famous friends. This requires a partner, so make sure you have one of your actor friends nearby. Once you succeed enough on the sound stage, you’ll become a five-star superstar.

Cool clothes and dark sunglasses

If you wear really cool clothes and dark sunglasses, that is a start. to make people believe you say really loud “Gosh, its good to know people don’t recognize that I am famous” then go “oops!” that way people would be coming up to you for an autograph. Then when someone drives/takes you somewhere, make them act like you are really cool and important, that way you might get famous, in reality.

Make sure you clean your face


Make sure you clean your face with soap or some kind of cleanser every day. Spots are not perfect. You are perfect.

Get some blood red lipstick


Get some blood red lipstick, and apply it on your lips

Show some cleavage


Wear shirts that show some cleavage, that are in style. And pants that are dark, and tight. Wear high-heel shoes with skinny jeans that look hot. Rosalie tends to wear white jackets and dark pants, so try to get that look.

When people start to bleed


When people start to bleed, don’t spend one more minute in there, flee the room. And if people ask you why you have circles underneath your eyes say “none of your damn business.” and walk away. But before you say it, act like your in though, and then screamed it at them.

Hide your feelings


Hide your feelings, if someone upsets you, pretend you don’t care. If you are mad about someone, act like you are a little bit interested. Be believable.

Go to the beauty salon


Go to the beauty salon, and dye your hair bleach blonde, or a light blonde. This is only if you actually want to look like Rosalie, not Nikki Reed.

Accessorize your outfit

Accessorize-your-outfitAccessorize your outfit with simple jewelry such as small earrings and bracelets or a simple necklace. Heavy jewelry or dangling earrings are not glamorous.