17 Reasons Why You Can’t Achieve Success

Achieve Success

The truths on this article might hurt you a bit, but if you keep an open-mind, it can help you clear your path to success.

There are a lot of articles, books, trainings and movies that were made and published to teach us how to achieve success.  But despite, we are still left wondering around unsuccessful.

In this article, instead of listing down the attributes, character and secrets of successful people, I’m going to show you the reasons why you are not and may never become successful.

Success comes from three words:

Think + Feel + Act = Success

How You Think

1. You don’t know what you want

2. You don’t believe you’re capable of being successful

How You Feel

3. You lack enthusiasm and drive towards success (No Desire, No Motivation, No Time, No Money, etc.)

4. You fear a lot of things (Fear of failure, criticism, or rejection)

5. You’re unwilling to learn (Especially on New Things or Weak Points)

6. You’re too emotional and idealistic (You won’t be able to start anything if you wait for things to be right and perfect.)

7. You hate successful people (You speak of negative things behind other people’s successes instead of being inspired to acquire the same success)

How You Act

8. You stick to something that’s getting you nowhere

9. You like to settle for mediocrity and then be ungrateful (Complains Why Life is so hard and unfair)

10. You lack focus and discipline (Prefer watching TV instead of growing yourself through learning and action.)

11. You look on the short-term and neglect the long-term effect of your action/inaction.

12. You spend more than you earn

13. You resist change and progress

14. You quit before you win

15. You don’t give value to people

16. You wait for things to happen instead of making things happen

17. You let tomorrow do the action (Procrastination)

For a final word, there’s a catch in this article.  If you want to start bringing success into your life, do the following:

  • List down the item(s) that applies to you (the way you think, feel and act)
  • Remove the negative words from the item and then change it into positive (E.g.: You don’t know what you want)
  • Make a renewal in your life and change your negative trait into positive.

Remember, the more negative thinking, feeling and action you can change, the better and faster you arrive to success.

Happy journey to your success!